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Top Ways Experts Recommend Protecting Your Handset

June 09, 2022 | by V1 Technologies Top Ways Experts Recommend Protecting Your Handset

Smartphones, tablets and computers have offered a technologically advanced solution, but the internal components have equally become fragile. Besides, they're made of ultra-thin shells and delicate equipment. Long gone are those days when phones were rumoured to be indestructible. Moreover, mobile brands, including Apple, Samsung and other leading companies, now focus on cut-throat technology rather than built quality.

One fall-off and your phone become irreparable. In today's article, we'll focus on top ways fast mobile repair services in Enfield recommend to protect your handset.

Sturdy phone case

Protective cases, particularly smartphones and tablets, come in different shapes, sizes and colours. These days, purchases are more decorative than sturdy. Therefore, you must purchase a tough case from a trusted brand.

In case you're unsure of what would best suit your needs, give us a call at Computer Krayzee. We're a team of certified experts and would be happy to walk you through all the options.

Go for a tempered glass screen protector

Going for a durable case is a great way to safeguard the device, but most only offer limited protection for the screen. Also, the vulnerability level rises with scratches and cracks if you drop the phone just at the right angle.

To prevent all these issues, you must think about purchasing a tempered glass screen protector with a built-in ultra-thin layer of glass sandwiched between tough, translucent plastic layers; it's an affordable accessory that can be installed in seconds.

The protectors will absorb most screen damage, leaving the phone unscathed.

Battery health

Just like the AA batteries powering a TV remote or a flashlight, the built-in battery inside the smartphone will wear down over time. Some batteries may only last a couple of years before they degrade.

In order to keep them healthy, our experts from fast mobile repair services in Enfield recommend being mindful of how and when you charge. Avoid leaving the device plugged in overnight, wirelessly charging when possible, and avoid any strenuous use, including streaming a movie when connected to power.

Privacy protection

In today's time, our mobile device contains more sensitive personal information than ever before. Therefore, at fast mobile repair services in Enfield, we prefer "privacy protector". It lets you use your device straight on an angle and prevent people from looking at your screen over your shoulder.

Meanwhile, you must install ad blockers by investing in a reliable VPN and running anti-virus scans periodically.

Comprehensive protection plan

We can help you get things fixed fast, accessible and affordable. However, you must know that some repairs can be expensive, especially for high-end devices. You may always opt for a third-party protection plan, giving you complete peace of mind about any device issue.


Devices do break at some point; however, you must run a protective approach as a part of the process; if your device is facing issues, no matter how small it can be, it's best to get it diagnosed and repaired. Get our help and sort out all your problems seamlessly.

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