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A Trusted Guide on How to Choose An iPhone Repair Shop in Enfield

February 11, 2021 | by V1 Technologies A Trusted Guide on How to Choose An iPhone Repair Shop in Enfield

iPhone is undoubtedly a worthy device to own. But, even a small crack can make you pay a ton. Meanwhile, customers owning Apple products have complained about poor service quality. Therefore, most people seek local repairs. Fortunately there are countless iPhone repair experts in Enfield. But, choosing the right technician can be a challenging factor.

As you stick with us, here are a few considerations when seeking iPhone repair service

Quality Spare Parts

There are a range of spare parts available in the market. Some of the parts are produced by Apple, while independent manufacturers make other parts. Aftermarket parts differ greatly in terms of quality and performance. Your priority should be a repair store that either uses genuine Apple parts or refurbished one.

With the genuine parts, be assured of getting excellent repair services without any future issues. Meanwhile, if you plan to save money, you can always opt for non-Apple spare parts. But, these may not be compatible with your iPhone. It's your responsibility to weigh your option diligently and choose the right part.


Irrespective of how smooth the service goes, some phone may end up in the repair shop. Before you seek service, inquire from the store about the service warranty. Technicians never speak about the warranty issue unless they bring back phone again after the job was done. Also, warranty policies differ from one store to another. However, at Computer Krayzee, we're very clear about our service. In the end, it's always better to choose a repair shop that offers a longer warranty period.

Work Experience

As mentioned previously, the iPhone is expensive and equally sensitive. It should be handled with much care. Make sure that only experienced and skilled technicians repair your device. Highly skilled individuals understand the iPhone better and provide you with excellent service. Meanwhile, make sure you don't leave your handset in the hands of anyone that lacks knowledge and skills. Likewise, if you face any technical issues, you may just ring an iPhone repair shop in Enfield.

Competitive Pricing

Before you go for the service, you need to know how much will the repair works cost. Most repair store in Enfield never hesitates to send a quote as you seek the service. This is undoubtedly a good thing as you wont face any surprise pay or hidden cost. Instead, a good repair store will inform you in case there is any additional charge being incurred on you. On the other hand, most customers fail to recognize cheap repair stores as low price is generally considered for poor workmanship. Therefore, you should research and get the best repair shop for your mobile set.


The internet is full of repair stores, yet you'll find many reviews. When choosing an iPhone repair store in Enfield, do not hesitate to analyse sites. Moreover, many websites provide customer reviews. This will help you execute the apt decision. Also, you may come across both positive and negative experiences. You should attend the one that specifies your need.

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