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Top Tips to Initiate for Your New Laptop Protection

Jan 27, 2022 | by V1 Technologies Top Tips to Initiate for Your New Laptop Protection

If you recently purchased a new computer for work or personal use, it can be pretty exciting. The new machine enables you to enjoy the latest features. But, our computer accessories shop in Enfield recommends taking a few steps to protect the device as you utilise it for different purposes or settings. Computer Krayzee is a leading computer accessories store based in Enfield. We offer high-quality accessories at the best bargains.

In this blog, we'll precisely focus on issues in order to prevent any complexities in your system. Over the years, we've come across many problems that can significantly affect your laptop or computer, and the best way to deal with it is by simply taking preventable steps.

If you are alert about essential protection in the initial stages, you need not worry in the long run. According to us at the computer accessory repair shop in Enfield, here are some critical areas you should attend to when you've purchased a new machine. These include,

Updated OS

Whether you purchased a brand new laptop or a reused one, chances are the machine hasn't had its OS updated in months. Moreover, it has been sitting for at least some period of time, and no one has got a chance to update it.

When you start the system, this should be the first update. With Windows 10, you need to go for settings, updates, and security. Also, it's best to check for updates. In Mac laptops, the computer accessories shop in Enfield recommend going for those using Chromebook laptops; automatic updates occur once you connect with the Wi-Fi connection.

Software installation and backup

One essential theme as soon as you get a system is installing security software. Robust security software helps you prevent cyberattacks. Plus, it comes with anti-theft features. Additionally, it helps scan the computer and remove threats.

No matter what software you go for your system, it's vital to back up the computer and its data. We the computer accessories shop in Enfield recommend, you need to set up an automatic backup that regularly saves all your files.

Power settings

Battery life is significant if you plan to work for long hours. Besides, you can continuously optimise the battery coverage. One of the essential areas to emphasise on include display brightness. Brightness should neither be too bright nor too dim. The sleep or hibernate mode helps your computer system save power.


Bloatware is the software on the system that you'll never use. Our professionals from the computer accessories shop in Enfield recommend removing it as quickly as possible. Moreover, this bloatware takes up the space and resources of your system. It's best to uninstall it as soon as possible.

You've purchased a computer to make your life smooth. However, don't let minor issues make you pay more. Computer Krayzee is a leading computer accessories shop in Enfield. We help you deal with concerns that affect your computer system. In case you aren't able to solve issues, speak to our staff at Computer Krayzee today.

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