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Here's How You Speed Up Your Computer System

Dec 30, 2021 | by V1 Technologies How You Speed Up Your Computer System

Tired of seeing the spinning wheel? Do you fear that slowdown is a sign of a greater disaster? If the answer is yes, you should definitely look into tips to speed up your computer system. Besides, you're not alone, and thecomputer repair shop in Enfield has helped many customers work effortlessly. While we're now used to fast-running technology, you definitely don't want to work on a system that takes an eternity to proceed.

Below we'll focus on an in-depth guide on how to make your computer run faster.

Complete update

Did you recently come across any new updates? If you've got it through but clicked the "Remind me tonight" and forget all about it, you really missed a vital part. Check the computer to see if there are system updates it needs to undergo. If so, make sure you have enough free storage space to perform the update. Experts from Computer Krayzee recommend performing updates on a regular basis.

System updates help you in several ways

Remove outdated features

Enhance the security

Speed up the operations

Provide new features

Boost the efficiency


You must not be surprised to find out that an entire hard drive memory may slow down the speed. Basically, the hard drive lessens the free space that the system requires for operations. Ourcomputer repair shop in Enfield recommends freeing at least 500 MB of space.

There are many things you can do to free up space, such as

● Delete all duplicate files

● Empty the trash

● Get rid of temporary files

● Delete application you no longer use

Go for an external drive

If your computer needs more space, our computer repair shop in Enfieldcan provide the best solution. You can go for external drives. These are great for both storing and backing up files that you can't afford to lose. All you need to do is plug in the external drive and drag all the essential files into it. However, you might want to save crucial files on more than one drive.


Ventilation has a significant effect when it comes to laptops. Setting your laptop on fabric surfaces such as a couch or a pillow is a concerning factor. Placing them on such surfaces may cause the system to overheat. The fans have no place to vent out the heat; as a result, it ruins the critical areas of your laptop. We highly recommend placing the system on a hard top surface. However, if there's an issue with your system, reach out to experts at Computer Krayzee.

Upgrade the RAM

RAM is temporary storage that helps the system run programs. Your computer will slow down if there isn't enough RAM. Besides, any computer repair shop in Enfiledcan help you upgrade.

Final Wrap

These were some of the tricks to smooth your system. Take your time to understand each area. Also, to get started, make sure you contact our experts at Computer Krayzee. We provide the best solution.

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