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Tips To Save Your Phone from Water Damage

Oct 07, 2021 Phone Repair

Technology has made several incredible leaps in the last few years. One of the areas includes waterproofing. Newer phone models are being released with waterproof capabilities. It must not be surprising to know that your phone comes with the ability to be submerged under deep water. Moreover, this is something that was not possible even a decade ago. But the technology still comes with certain limitations.

Still, if you face the issue of water damage, make sure you visit a fast mobile repair shop in Enfield. At Computer Krayzee, we have seen such instances with older models. There are a handful of mobile phones with the latest features but lack waterproofing techniques.

Significant advance in waterproofing technology

If you spoke with an iPhone or Android phone owner in 2010 or 2011, they'd laugh out if it was about swimming with the phone and running a call without any issues. Interestingly, several critical developments have taken over time. There's a water damage indicator tab. Moreover, this is a scale that helps you detect water-related damage. Several models have come out in the market that withstands water and deep conditions better than any previous versions. However, that doesn't mean you take your phone and simply drop it to check the reliability.


While you might get impressed with the development, it is also essential to understand that even the newest models may not be fully waterproof. You should know that both iPhone and Android manufacturers never recommend exposing the phone to any water.

While new models resist water damage to a certain extent, a fast mobile repair shop in Enfieldemphasize the long term effects that come with submerging a phone in deep water. Also, phones that have been damaged in other ways allow water to penetrate certain areas. It risks the overall functionality.

Avoid water

The simple line of defence is to avoid water in every possible circumstance. From using the toilet to going for a swim, it's best to leave the phone in a secure place. Our experts froma fast mobile repair shop in Enfieldhighly recommend using a Bluetooth speaker if you need your phone while performing activities. You can connect the phone from a safe distance away. You can enjoy much better audio and avoid the risk that comes with water damage.

Use Phone Cases

Another option that you should definitely go for is using phone cases. Waterproof phone cases are ideal for many situations. These prevent water damage up to a certain level.

However, if you have a waterproof case, it does not mean you can be careless about it. The issue is there as a precaution. At some point, the system will stop working.


If you don't want to go for an airtight case, you should purchase a waterproof pouch. When you visit places like waterparks, local pools and other areas, putting your phone inside the pouch is the best option. Moreover, you can now stay relaxed.

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