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Is Independent Fast Mobile Repair Shop in Enfield Really Worthy

December 17, 2020 | by V1 Technologies Fast Mobile Repair Shop

If the warranty on your iPhone is long gone and you've just split your coffee or cracked the screen, it is better to visit an independent repair shop and make things look better. At Computer Krayzee, we usually find it much safer and easier when repairing Apple's device. On the other side, we're not like others to offer a sophisticated appointment for repairs. In fact, a repair can take a minute or go for days. At our fast mobile repair shop in Enfield, we've got former Apple technicians who ensure quick and guaranteed service.

Meanwhile, here are the reasons why most of the customer seek our service when going for a repair service in Enfield.

Service Warranty

Prices of mobile phones are soring at an exponential rate. Going for a brand new phone is not always an option. Likewise, when you get a repair service at a few pounds, why go for a new set. Also, iPhones are exceptionally sturdy if you take proper care of them.

When availing our service, we offer up to 12 months of warranty depending upon the repair that you avail. Meanwhile, warranty is a sign of excellence, and we maintain the highest possible standard, and we're equally confident about the service too.

Spare Parts

Whatever be the issue on your phone, if your repair store offers genuine parts, the longevity can be increased to 3x times. Be it accidental damage, liquid damage or broken screen a trusted repair provider is what you should seek. Computer Krayzee ensures top quality repair service. We only use genuine parts. You should also know that we avail spare accessories directly from the manufacturers, and this is one of the reasons why our service is affordable as compared to others.

Efficient Data Recovery Service

Your data is very valuable, and with Computer Krayzee, we offer an extensively organized method of recovering lost data from any device. You should know that mobile repair is more than finding fault and fixing it, restoring the data by maintaining complete confidentiality. Along with that, we have high-quality software programmes that makes things much smoother.

Fast Repair

These days, people are so much busy with their works that they have hardly any time for themselves. Due to such rising situation in recent times, Computer Krayzee has started a different section for such seekers. Our "Express Repair" service includes the best technicians who offer quick-fix of anything crept into your phone. Just visit our store or dial us and see how we offer service at a lightning speed. Don't worry about the quality; we're the best!

Final Thought

Computer Krayzee ensures exceptional service at the best price. We've been in the market for over a decade, and we are the first option when a customer seeks to repair or go for a replacement service in Enfield. Meanwhile, our service is very affordable, and we focus on building a professional business-customer environment. For any issues regarding repair of electronic gadgets, you should always seek us.

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