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A bespoke prebuilt PC might be a wonderful alternative because custom computer building often feels intimidating. Our simple built quality for your custom PCs are the ideal methods to ensure that you receive the performance you want without worrying about compatibility, price, or assembly. Whether you're seeking to play games, stream content, or work on other creative projects, we offer custom built PC London.

You can always assemble your personal computer. Not only is it more affordable, but you can definitely customise your machine to be more expressive of your personality and perform better.

Building your PC

The motherboard, CPU, RAM, storage, and externals: PC case, power supply, display, and peripherals (keyboard, mouse, speakers) are the essential parts you need. However, if you want to play a lot of video games or if you frequently utilise powerful desktop applications for programming, design, photography, or even video editing, you'll probably need more.

  • What types of video games do you currently play and want to play, if any?
  • Do you use your computer for streaming?
  • Will you require VR compatibility?
  • Do you intend to use the system for creative tasks like editing videos?

Key specifications

You will need extra RAM if you anticipate having to run many apps simultaneously. The ideal RAM size is 8GB, which also offers the best value for money for most moderate to hard-core users.

Keep in mind that the higher RAM use won't be seen if you use the bare minimum of applications while browsing or working on a document. In general, enthusiasts care more about fast RAM speeds.

Modern processors include strong onboard graphics, which enable seamless gaming even at lower visual quality settings. However, experts from our custom built PC London offers a powerful graphics card, allowing you to play games at a higher quality and with more frames.

Hard drives are currently inexpensive and accessible; however, Solid State Drives (SSD) are not. SSDs allow you to boot up your computer faster for a larger price, and you will eventually become spoilt by the speed.


While knowing what to include in your PC is vital, the major factor that determines it is the customer's budget. They will have to pay for each component separately, with some being more expensive than others. When constructing a gaming computer, it's crucial to set a spending limit and locate the most reasonably priced components inside that range.

Typically, the desired performance will determine your customer's budget. You may expect customers to pay a lot of money for such capabilities if they want to play the newest AAA games at 4K resolutions. Costs will be minimal if kids are satisfied playing games at medium settings and full HD resolutions. If consumers choose VR, they will spend more because many games support it.


It's not as difficult or terrifying as some people make building a gaming PC out to be. The process of putting up a PC is quite simple for a computer repair service. However, any custom built PC London will make more considerations while constructing a gaming PC.

You'll need to obtain the appropriate components to match your needs because there will be a high demand for powerful gear. If you don't want to encounter any bottlenecks or incompatibilities, each component must be appropriate for the task. Finally, its vital to make sure your PC case has enough room for everything and is powered appropriately.

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