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Planning for PC Customization? Visit Computer Repair Company in Enfield

November 26, 2020 | by V1 Technologies Planning for PC Customization? Visit Computer Repair Company in Enfield

Thinking to customize or build your PC? Building a PC can be cheaper than you have ever expected, and it's equally rewarding. Building your PC may some times sound intimidating, but, it is easier than you think. However, before you move further and check out those DIYs, there are certain things you need to keep in the mind.

You need to know about the components and its functionalities. As you stick with us, Computer Krayzee, a leading computer repair company in Enfield will help you understand the basic requirements in details.

Here’s our list of components

  • RAM
  • Graphics
  • Storage
  • Power Supply
  • Sound System
  • Cooling System

1) RAM

You will be needing a good application if you want to run multiple applications in the system. For that, you need to have a system with at least 8GB RAM. Also, if you plan to surf while working on downloads and updates, it is best to get a high-speed PC RAM. This not only ensures the ultimate gaming experience but also allows users to run aggressive workability on the system.

2) Graphics

Powerful graphics ensure smooth gameplay. Most of the processors nowadays come with powerful graphics. If you are planning to have a system that offers exceptional gaming experience, our staffs from computer repair company in Enfield recommend getting more frames. Always go for the best card if your budget allows you to; however, mid-range will only suffice you.

3) Storage

All your files will be stored in the internal storage of the PC; as a result, you need to opt for fantastic storage options. You can either go for a hard disk drive or even solid-state drive. Both have the same purpose, but their mechanism is quite different. If looking for a storage device at the lowest price, HDD is the best option, but SDD is relatively new and offers higher read and write data.

4) Power Supply

Make your system more powerful by simply getting a certified power supply unit. At computer repair company in Enfield, we sell a range of powerful and efficient power supply machines. Also, when customizing your system, always buy a gold standard PSU. It may be costly, but your investment is definitely worth it. Remember, you don't need the most expensive gadget but the most reliable one.

5) Sound System

The in-built sound system is sufficient for simple gaming but for those who want better sound quality should invest on a set of speakers, buffers and headphones. These gadgets ensure you with exceptional gaming experience.

6) Cooling System

When working in a high-powered system, a cooling system can be a contributing factor. You have the option to either install a water-based cooling system or the air-based cooling system. Most of the processors come with in-built cooling fans which you need to upgrade when going for customization.

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