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Your Guide to Installing CCTV in Enfield

Mar 3, 2022 | by V1 Technologies Your Guide to Installing CCTV in Enfield

Are you planning to go for a CCTV installation services Enfield? Do you want to secure your entire property or business at a glance from your smartphone? You’re at the right spot. The world of video surveillance and security cameras has the right solution for your business. Besides, security cameras come in a variety of different image resolutions, integration, capabilities and use cases. Some cameras are used for indoor purposes, while others may be utilised outdoor. To be precise, all businesses need a security camera system, and Computer Krayzee can help you with that.

You can now easily catch the preparator when you have video evidence of any crime happening. Also, CCTV installation services in your property help you make the necessary changes in vulnerable areas. Some of the types of cameras include,

. Bullet cameras

. Dome cameras

. Turret cameras

. Wireless cameras

. Sensor cameras

. Doorbell cameras

Basic components of CCTV installations

The CCTV system is sophisticated. Our CCTV installation service, Enfield, offers full property coverage around the clock. Here’s what you can expect,

Commercial security cameras

The commercial security cameras capture footage of everything that happens in your facility. It sends the footage to records, monitors and mobile devices. Besides, security cameras come in a variety of hardware types. Now, the kind of security camera you want to go depends on the individual needs and budget.


For most commercial CCTV installation services Enfield, structured cabling throughout the walls to the server is a vital component during surveillance. However, these days consumers prefer wireless cameras, especially for home use. But for permanent and demanding security use, wired security cameras are still in demand.

IP camera installation cabling

The IP cameras require Cat5E or CAT6 cables. It helps transfer the large amount of data needed by digital video and high resolutions at breakneck speeds or over long distances. These cables also help power the security cameras, eliminating the need for further wiring. Meanwhile, wireless security cameras may need less wiring but still require cables to control the security cameras.

Network Video Recorder

NVR or Network Video Recorder is essential to any IP cameras system. Our technicians from CCTV installation Enfield can install NVR virtually anywhere in the building. The system helps you record and store video on a hard drive, snap images or transmit them to the computer or remote device for live and recorded viewing.

Hard drives

While the work on an NVR is to make recording seamless, however, you need to connect hard drives in order to store footage. The right amount of storage is essential. But, choosing the proper amount can be pretty confusing. When recording a 4K video, this may end up being a large number. However, there’s nothing to worry about, our experts from Computer Krayzee will help you sort out the matter.


When it comes to professional work, CCTV installation services Enfield can help you. We’ve had long term experience in handling installation services. Our technicians make sure cameras are positioned at the right angles. Remember, providing a safe and effective security camera installation for business protection is essential.

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