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Why Don't Computer Repairs Enfield Recommend DIY?

Feb 24, 2022 | by V1 Technologies Why Don't Computer Repairs Enfield Recommend DIY?

It's absolutely true that fixing things ourselves gives us extreme gratification. However, there are certain areas where this approach isn't advisable. One good example is the area of computer repair. You may think you're solving the issue, but that's not always the case. Unfortunately, you're worsening the problem plus risking your own safety. Our computer repairs Enfield is here to help with a vast range of repair services.

The professional technicians have technical experience and know the tricks of the trade. Besides, Computer Krayzee is not just here to help with your home computers; we offer business computer servicing and other services for all kinds of businesses.

We strongly recommend leaving things to the expert unless you have specified training in these areas. Here are some reasons why you must not attempt the DIY method.


Earlier, computers were much more straightforward, and repairs weren't risky. However, things have changed. Computers are built with smaller parts. These break off more easily. A professional computer repairs Enfield includes experts. They understand how each component interfaces with each other. Meanwhile, one slip up, and everything may go wrong- you may not be able to go back to where you started.

More Problems

The most common result of attempting self-repair is you actually make the problem worse. Do you know the static electricity from your body may generate electric short? This generally happens when you remove a part from the computer case or disconnect something without proper grounding. If such is the case, you'll face a big issue.

If you must attempt something on your own, our experts from computer repairs Enfield recommend documenting it precisely. That way, you'll have a complete record of exactly what you tweaked.

Data loss

Your computer is your data hub. However, the DIY process threatens the integrity of this data. Disassembling a PC while fixing it might also damage its internal structure. This may cause permanent damage to specific components, resulting in lost data and frustration.

Again, if you must attempt this on your own, we highly recommend backing up your data as much as possible first. It's an excellent option to send your hard drive off to Computer Krayzee. We ensure that all the essential information is in safe hands.


Nine out of ten consumers don't know that programs disguise themselves as computer repair assistance services. However, they are actually scams intended to steal your money. These programs may even ask for access to your computer. They install malware that could then raid your personal information and financial data as you use it.

There are criminals out there who want to take advantage of those with less knowledge. It's best to partner with the experts and get your system sorted.


Computers are an essential part of our life. Any issue in the system must be treated as quickly as possible. At Computer Krayzee, we're experts and help you fix glitches that creep into your system. Call us, and we're standing by and happy to help.

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