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Why Computer Accessories Shop in Enfield is the Best for Customization

October 01, 2020 | by V1 Technologies Computer Accessories Shop

While customizing a computer can be expensive, they guarantee you with endless possibilities. Be it a top-notch gaming machine, a system for mixing music or designing an application, there are plenty of reasons to get a custom-built computer system. Suppose you are one of those seeking a plan that offers excellent performance and flexibility. In that case, you really need to head to the leading computer accessories shop in Enfield. Upgrading individual part can be less expensive than buying a brand new computer. Therefore, we point out a few essential areas to focus on when customizing your PC.

Processor and Mother Board

The first component that you would like to start should be the processor. Both Intel and AMD are great companies; however, we personally prefer the former over the later. The core series comes with three families: i3, i5 and i7. The i3 is suitable for average computing needs while the i5 is powerful and the i7 ranks at the top. Once you do that, now is the time to go for a motherboard. We can help you out with a system that allows you to run your PC at speed higher than the recommendation. Meanwhile, it is always best to go with a compatible motherboard.

Storage and Memory

Storage comes with different options. Most of the traditional computers use the HDD drives as they are very affordable; however, SDDs are the choice for sheer performance, and their prices are also dropping due to the development of technology. You also need to decide what RAM you need. A 32-bit OS may require 3GB memory; likewise, a 64-bit OS needs a minimum 4 GB memory. RAM is relatively cheap, and you can choose 8, 12, or 16 GB for a better experience.

Power, Case and Cooling

You need to have a high-quality case to hold great hardware. You can avail many types of cases at our computer accessories shop in Enfield. Some cases come with inbuilt power supply and cooling fans. But a high-performance system will probably need more than that. Outstanding performance will generate excessive heat, and too much heat may crash your system. Therefore, it is best to invest in a quality cooling system—the more influential the component, the more significant power requirement for smooth workability. If you opt for a bigger processor, graphics card and the fan, it is best to have at least 500w power supply.

Audio and Video Card

If you plan to play video games, develop digital graphics or edit videos, it is best to have a powerful audio and video cards. The AMD Radeon RX460 is a reasonable option and can handle the need of most of the gamers. Meanwhile, if you need to run high-quality editing software for audio quality development, it is best to opt for a higher-quality card that is compatible with your work.


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