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Why are CCTV Installations a Compulsion for Hotels and Hospitality Sectors?

April 07, 2022 | by V1 TechnologiesWhy are CCTV Installations a Compulsion for Hotels and Hospitality Sectors?

Every time a business opens its door to a consumer, it's taking a risk. In case there has been a slip and fall on the premises, the company could be in for a world of frustration. What could be more concerning in the hotel and hospital sector is the lengthy litigation process. Besides, the hospital industry serves a significant number of consumers regularly. Installing smart CCTV coverage to your property helps you keep it secure. At Computer Krayzee, we're a leading CCTV installation services Enfield. We make the overall process smooth.

Why avail smart CCTV installation?

In 2012, a California based hotel was sued by a guest who suffered catastrophic injury after falling over a second-story walkway railing. The jury immediately awarded the victim an incredible $38 million. The evidence showed that the walkway railing was too short, making it unsafe.

But what if the accident didn't occur due to the short railing? Perhaps due to the guest's negligent behaviour! Installation of advanced CCTV services lets you visualise the situation precisely. Moreover, the video recording coils have shown that the guest's unfortunate fall resulted from his misbehaviour.

Install smart CCTV

Apart from authentic injuries and accident claims prevalent in the hospitality industry, our CCTV installation in Enfield helps you cut the risk that comes with fraudulent accident claims or other misfortunes.

Smart CCTV video recording offers the best protection a hotel can ask for. The SMART ( System Monitoring Alert Response Technology) comes with the most advanced system. The system offers,

● Self-diagnosis of the surveillance system with periodic status reports

● Automatic service requests if the DVR, nVR or cameras require service

● An automated backup system that prevents loss of vital video data due to hard drive failure

● Unlimited recording capacity

Go for quick installation

Technically, CCTV knows everything. With the CCTV cameras installed at your site, it takes a constant sequence, records video images and transmits them to the main screen. You have round the clock surveillance even if there has been human error.

Also, this is the world of the internet. There are false advertisements and promises. It's best to go with the experts at CCTV installation Enfield. CCTV is the core component of the overall security strategy. It monitors for detecting crime spots.

The smart choice should be to go with the experts. Remember, the installation of the cameras is not the end. Here, you'll need to chalk out a plan, especially when it comes to data storage. A professional CCTV installation service Enfield will help you with all the challenges


If you have been keen on CCTV, you will come across a significant number of businesses shifting to its use. You'll understand the cause behind it. Hiring a team of professionals ensures that you'll receive the best quality service at the best price.

Our team at Computer Krayzee helps you with the seamless installation process. We're experts and can manage every issue quickly. To know more, make sure you speak to us.