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Here’s What You Should Consider Before Seeking CCTV Installation Services In Enfield

February 04, 2021 | by V1 Technologies Here’s What You Should Consider Before Seeking CCTV Installation Services In Enfield

The rise in criminal activities and anti-social elements have ensured both commercial and residential areas run a multi-layer security chain. While most commercial giants don't hesitate to hire security systems for the overall protection, installing quality coverage still remain challenging. There are numbers of CCTV installation services in Enfield, but before you install one at your property, here's what Computer Krayzee, a leading CCTV installation services in Enfield wants you to know.

There is a list of things you need to take care of when you hire a professional for security coverage installation.


Area coverage happens to be one of the biggest concern amongst property owners planning to install cameras. You will need to determine all the vulnerable areas that require extensive coverage. While any CCTV installation company in Enfield will send you the best possible analyst to mount the cameras, still some areas need your absolute acknowledgement as your analyst may miss it. Therefore, make sure that you point out all the areas which you think needs special attention.


Most people have less idea about cameras and their types. Remember, the rate of vulnerability won't be that much indoors as compared to the entrance. Meanwhile, different areas need different installations. The cameras that you put in your garden won't be the same in the corridor, and the same is with your garage and indoors. Also, never exclude indoors. Burglars these days are smart enough to fool outdoor cameras. Most CCTV installations services Enfield place a low light capable dome cameras indoor to save you from the trouble.

Legal Matters

The law in the UK states that you need to let people know that you are recording. This is especially essential if it's a public area like an office or store. Additionally, signs stating CCTV cameras installation will serve you the purpose. If you plan to install a CCTV camera at your home, you need to notify your workers who visit your place. If you hire a maid service, make sure you inform him/her verbally. Another important thing to note is that its illegal to install CCTV cameras in private areas such as a bathroom.


Nowadays, wireless CCTV cameras are common. You don't need to have wires for that. Also, these cameras can be controlled from your mobile or computer. But, in case, you plan to go for traditional CCTV cameras - which we don't recommend, you can only opt for single point fixed cameras. However, the dome cameras come with 360-degree coverage. So, before you select security cameras for your site, make sure you acknowledge the kind of coverage and the quality they capture.

Technical Areas

As you will be monitoring the security system, you'll have to understand the system specification for smooth workability. These days almost all cameras offer HD videos, and you should get one. The recording is another big issues. Some companies may provide storage hardware while others offer cloud storage. The former might run out soon and requires timely clean-ups. For a system with remote control and access, you can monitor even when you're away.

Final Thought

CCTV installation cuts the risk of untoward incident. In fact, installing cameras not only help sanitize the overall areas but also ward off anti-social elements from the property. You can also save your cost on hiring a security in-charge. So, before you go for the installation, make a brief report on all the above-mentioned specifications.

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