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What Fast Computer Repair Company Tells You About Network Monitoring

February 18, 2021 | by V1 Technologies What Fast Computer Repair Company Tells You About Network Monitoring

Having you been lately thinking about who or what is your computer system talking to? Where is all your data allowance going? Is your RSP (Retail Service Provider) telling you about the monthly data structure? Sadly, when using your computer over the internet, there's no way Microsoft allows you to see exactly what is happening behind the scene.

But, there is nothing to worry about as a computer repair company in Enfield can track down why your data allowance has disappeared or who is stalking your system. In fact, Computer Krayzee can help you monitor your network. Additionally, you may not only monitor your system but also others on the same network.

Network Monitoring

Malware & Spyware

Our computer repair company in Enfield can help detect malware, spyware and other badly behaving programs. For instance, kids playing their games or downloading movies, etc. Perhaps, these connections can be blocked anytime.

Network Changes

We can help you install programs that can warn you of network-related changes to your computer or other unusual changes that could indicate malware of some description. This will alert you to run anti-virus scans which will ultimately neutralize the risk of damage to your system.

Alien Devices

If running your system on wifi, computer repair company in Enfield can install a system that warns you of new unknown devices joining your Wifi network. This will enormously help you if you suspect your wifi password has been compromised or someone is possibly trying to utilize your network without authorization.

New Program Accessing

We can also help you install a program that alerts you whenever a new program is accessing the network. If necessary, the system will itself block it. Meanwhile, this assists you to stop malware or a physical person who need not have access to your data.


Tracking is a unique system that permits you to see what the system has been doing when you were away from it. You don't have to sit 24x7 and watch the network and the computer. The program allows you to track down data usage and malicious attempts trying to infiltrate the network and hijack data or deliver viruses.

Network Analysis

You can also go for programs that detect threats by providing a detailed network analysis usage statistics broken down by IP/Host, program, network traffic and more. Here you can see who is doing what and how much Google Chrome has access to the network. You will have a graph that shows incoming and outgoing statistics in graphical representation. The "Ask to connect" mode allow or deny new program connections.


There is a huge popularity for software that can keep your system secure from malpractices. However, you'll come across various versions and when you have qualified technicians, you can choose-out the best.

So if you are searching for reliable computer sales and repair centre, Computer Krayzee is the right place for you. Also, if you need any assistance regarding threats and network monitoring, you can always seek our help.

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