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Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Mobile Accessories shops in Enfield

August 19, 2021 | by V1 Technologies mobile accessories shop

Electronic gadgets are the most modern appliances that you'll find in the market. The iPhone 12 that you purchased recently will be out of trend within a few months. Now, that doesn't mean you should go for a new model. However, phones never come with a lifetime guarantee, and at some point, you may consider replacing one. Likewise, even if smartphones are now packed with software and hardware enhancements, you'll still need an assortment of mobile accessories to complete the experience.

Mobile accessories are essential; you've probably had a mobile screen protector or phone case attached. So, how do you choose the best mobile accessories shops in Enfield? Let's assume that you already have some of the primary mobile accessories; here's how Computer Krayzee ensures that you don't settle for the basics.

Types of Mobile Accessories

Mobile accessories are the supporting accessory to enhance your experience, whether for entertainment or work. The types of accessories are indefinite. However, here are some categories that you shouldn't miss out on.

Mobile screen protectors

Everybody understands the significance of a screen display to an electronic device. That's especially when mobiles these days are totally dependent on the screen display. With much of the attention given to the screen display, equal care should be granted too. An excellent way to start is by identifying the type of screen protectors, the materials, and their purpose.

Types of protectors include

  • TPU Plastic screen protector
  • Tempered glass screen protector
  • PET plastic screen protector

Cables for Mobile Phones

There are varieties of cables that mobile accessories shops in Enfield offer. Moreover, phone cables for android devices are different from that of Apple. The most common cables are the Type-C ones. Besides, Type-C lines are slowly replacing audio jacks in some devices.


These are one of the most popular forms of cables used on mobile devices. These are used for charging, transfer of data, and more.

HDMI Cables

HDMI cables are used to connect smartphones with TVs and monitors. Likewise, these types of cables are equally used in both gaming consoles and computers. With the HDMI, one can transfer high-definition media from the input and the output. Some can be connected via phones, while others may require an adapter.

SmartPhone Projectors

Smartphone projectors enhance your experience for the next presentation or movie night. Simply connect the phone to the projector and enjoy the visuals. Apart from watching movies or conducting office presentations, the projector comes with other functionalities. In case you want to utilize it to the fullest, you may always speak to the mobile accessories shops in Enfield.

Cell Phone Chargers

Chargers for electronic gadgets are necessary. Phones with a much larger battery capacity will get depleted. At such a point, you need to rely on the chargers. Moreover, chargers available in the market come in different shapes, sizes, and compatibility. Besides, chargers feature more functionality than their primary uses. The most common one is the plug-in charger. Apart from that, the mobile accessories shops also offer wireless chargers or solar-powered chargers for your convenience.

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