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Top Mindful Tips On Why To Choose Apple Repair Shop in Enfield

January 14, 2021 | by V1 Technologies Top Mindful Tips On Why To Choose Apple Repair Shop in Enfield

People throng for big brands, and Apple is undoubtedly one of them. If you have a problem with your Macbook or need an iPhone repair service, your instinct may force you for in-house repair service. You may think it's superior; however, that's not something real. We have come here to tell you why you should go with local Apple repair instead of the Apple store. Computer Krayzee has been facilitating repair and replacement of Apple products for over a decade, and we specialize in the repair of iPhone, iPads, iPods, Macbook and other Apple accessories.

Here’s what you need to look before going for final repair


Apple store will fix things, but the problem lies in the excessive service charge. The most common problems with Macbook and iPhone are cracked screens and water damage. Also, they don’t fall under the 12-month warranty program too. Ultimately, you’ll need to spend something between £140 to £150. Likewise, if this is pricey, their nominal service charge starts from £255- £330.

These charges are definitely “rip-off.” In fact, users are only being appealed by the power of Apple’s brand value. Despite the fact that Apple hardly does anything different, its just a “premium” tag and a sales tactic. The same service at the local store will cost between £30 to £50 for screen replacement.


Most of the customers have a negative perspective that local repairs don't offer quality service. However, that's totally incorrect. Regarding the quality of materials, Apple repair shop uses 100% certified and recycled Apple materials. Therefore you get genuine recycled Apple spares at a much-inflated price.

Also, all our technicians are Apple certified professionals with years of expertise. Be it any issue, our engineers and technicians can quickly solve problem crept into your system. In fact, we are ready to walk the extra mile for your satisfaction.


Nobody has time to wait for matters like technical snag or screen replacement. The society is evolving at a great speed and you cant hand over your phone or laptop for weeks. Also, Apple stores are extremely slow, and the process of booking is very complex too. Booking appointment, sending it for replacement/repairs, getting it back. These were things in past.

At Computer Krayzee, we ensure quick service. All that you need to do is visit our website or call us. We can visit your place or vice versa. We’ll repair your system and drop it to you. Also, we offer Express Repair Service. Here we repair your phone in less than an hour. Apart from that, we also offer a range of service. You can also buy mobile and computer accessories including cables, chargers, headset and more.

Final Thought

Computer Krayzee is a leading Apple repair shop based in Enfield. We can help you get back your mobile, tablet, desktop and laptop like before. We also offer home and office servicing, where our technicians will reach and service the system. For any technical assistance, speak to us.

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