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Top Lesser Know Tip Laptop Repair in Enfield Recommended for System Maintenance

Mar 02, 2023 | by V1 TechnologiesMacbook internal Component

We want our computers to endure longer, ideally forever, just as we would like to live longer. Your laptop won't last its whole life unless it receives proper maintenance. Here are top advice from laptop repair in Enfield that have serviced hundreds of computers over the past ten years for keeping your laptops in good working order.

Keep your system away from bright lights

Yes, you read it correctly. You might be wondering how a powerful light might be harmful since the laptop itself generates so much light. Strong lighting in the workplace has been scientifically shown to hasten the ageing of the screen and battery because too much heat hastens electrochemical processes. So, it is better to position your laptop somewhere that is out of direct sunlight.

Working on your laptop outside may be enjoyable, but it might also quickly harm the screen. Just make sure the sun is obscured by clouds or that you are in a shaded area!

Take note of the charge and discharge cycles of the battery

All laptop batteries are made to last a specific number of charge cycles, much like the tyres on our automobiles. A charge cycle entails a complete discharge to 0% and a subsequent charge to 100%. Half a cycle is equivalent to a discharge of 50% and a recharge of 100%.

Every charge and discharge cycle reduces a battery's capacity over time from original estimations; therefore assuming all other factors remain constant, the battery lasts longer the fewer times it is discharged.

Hence, any overcharging or over-discharging will negatively impact the battery's lifespan. Avoid charging your laptop continuously while using it for other purposes. Remember to switch off as soon as the charge reaches 95 to 100% while being cautious.

The risks of liquid cleaners

It's common to make a lot of assumptions. According to this presumption, computers may be cleaned with ordinary cleaners and other glass and surface cleaning products. But, regular use of glass and surface cleaning products has been shown to degrade laptop screens and keyboards over time. Although constructed of glass, laptop screens have electronic circuitry linked to them, and the inside of the keyboards may accommodate liquids.

So, it is best advised to wipe the laptop's surfaces, especially the screen, with a very gentle and dry cloth.

Weekly defragmentation and avoiding saving files to the C drive

The Desktop and Documents, Pictures, and Videos folders are popular places for individuals to keep all of their information since they are simple to access. Experts always advise partitioning your hard disc and reserving the C drive for your operating system and other software. Save your work and entertainment data on other partitioned discs.

There are two reasons why this is crucial. One is that if your hard drive crashes, you might lose all of your files. If you have numerous drives, you can still access files from other drives even if your hard disc breaks if you simply format the C drive and install the OS from scratch.

Final Wrap

Never rely on unsolicited advice about laptop maintenance and repair. Put your faith in qualified laptop repair in Enfield. We're a team of experienced repair facility providers and licensed service providers.

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