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Top Common Faults that make your Laptop Stop Working

March 31, 2022 | by V1 TechnologiesLaptop

'Please restart your laptop" is the most common advice you'll receive when a system fails. While it's worth trying, our ability to fix it may be limited beyond restarting. There's always Google there for you, but the expertise is something you still lack.

However, any fast laptop repair services in Enfield recommend you take awareness of the type of issues to save your time and effort. There might be issues regarding hardware or software. Therefore, here's what you need to look at,

Sound issue

If there's a sound issue within the system, this is definitely a mic or speaker-related concern. You need to check the mute button and volume level and see whether the problem exists. The issues with the laptop's sound, either input or output, need the attention of fast laptop repair services in Enfield.

Frozen screen

Most of the time, just a simple restating of the laptop helps solve the problem. However, persistent freezing of the laptop can hinder your work. Now, this can be due to many underlying issues. There could be an application error causing the freeze or perhaps hardware related issues like a faulty memory.

Application error

There are numerous solutions online that our fast repair services in Enfield recommend for application errors. You must try out reinstalling or closing the application. However, if there's still an issue, the file must be virus contaminated. But, when you try out simple methods and if the errors aren't fixed, you must seek help from professionals.

The system isn't turning on

If the system seems dead, it can be pretty concerning. There could be various reasons behind this. It could be because the charger is not supplying sufficient voltage to charge the battery, or the DC input has been damaged on your motherboard. This type of fault should be left in the hands of the professionals.

Laptop makes sound

It must be a concerning factor if you have experienced persistent and unusual sounds from the system when running. Everything may look fine and working; however, the rattling noise could be an indication that there's a severe problem within the system. Moreover, you need to get help from fast laptop repair services in Enfield as quickly as possible.

The problem is normally a sign that one of the hinges has been damaged and the plastic mounting points have broken out. These loose parts may get stuck in the fan, causing the system to go for a complete shutdown.

Heating issue

Your laptop may heat up due to various internal issues. The most common fault is the build-up of lint in the fans. This causes the laptop to run hot. Another issue can be the silicone paste used to transfer heat from the CPU and GPU drying up, leading to overheating issues.

Most laptops come with a safety temperature of 105 degrees and will shut down. Still, constant exposure to heat may have permanent damage to the parts.


Laptops are delicate systems. It is best to take help from professionals in case you experience problems. Get in touch with our experts at Computer Krayzee, and we'll provide a quick fix.

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