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Things Top Laptop Repair in Enfield Emphasis on Touchpad Issues

Oct 8, 2022 | by V1 TechnologiesThings Top Laptop Repair in Enfield Emphasis on Touchpad Issues

A laptop touchpad is a typical problem which may arise due to various software and driver conflicts. If the touchpad fails to work, many situations come to play in our minds. Some of the fundamental questions include

Why doesn't the touchpad work?

How can I enable my laptop touchpad?

Why do my laptop icons suddenly vanish?

How can I switch my laptop touchpad back on?

You must have recognised that older editions and drivers can be the primary explanation behind issues. Moreover, bad hardware systems are the most common cause. Additionally, some may periodically stop functioning, which can be a big problem. Now, you could be wondering about what one can do in such a case.

What should you do if the touchpad isn't working?

According to the professionals from laptop repair in Enfield, restarting the system is the best solution if the issue has just developed. Although it seems frantic and evident, resist the need to panic right now. It's best to choose the most straightforward route. When the touchpad is not turned on in the settings, there is occasionally a chance. When you permit the external mouse to connect, this occurs. Additionally, if you use Windows 10, there are specific settings.

Activate the Windows Touchpad.

Several laptops offer an FN key for specific operations that work with the F1 and F2 keys. For some of these, changing the wireless connectivity or adjusting the brightness level is beneficial. The touchpad might be disabled by one of these combinations. Make sure the touchpad starts functioning once more by pressing this key combination.

Additionally, Windows 10 has a great security settings option.

Disable any other USB mouse.

Clearing the USB mouse attached to your laptop is a crucial step in diagnosing a touchpad issue on a laptop. Additionally, our laptop repair in Enfield specialists advises disconnecting any external devices in use. Basically, when you plug in an external mouse, some laptops may immediately detach the touchpad. Consequently, this might be the cause of the laptop touchpad's potential malfunction.

Disable the zone setting on the touchpad

The laptop touchpad's upper left corner has a little square logo. It is to blame for the broken touchpad buttons. If your laptop has a logo, double-tapping it turns the process on or off. Therefore, if the touchpad malfunctions, this could also be an issue.

Turn off tablet PC services

Some touchscreen Windows devices have a special Tablet PC input service functionality. This feature manages the touch functionality. The touchpad functions appropriately as a result. Furthermore, it turns off the trackpad in tablet mode.


Some of the problems that your laptop touch may have had are those that were just stated. In the event that you are unable to resolve the issue, we strongly advise seeking assistance from a qualified laptop repair in Enfield.

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