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Things to Keep in Mind When Installing CCTV Cameras

April 01, 2021 | by V1 Technologies Installing CCTV Cameras

Home-owning cameras have come a long way. The technological advancement in recent years, like cloud computing and absolute surveillance enhancement technology, has helped alleviate security concerns. The increasing incidents of crime and anti-social elements across the city has been a great help to secure your business and property.

It is absolutely possible to set up a security camera system all by yourself; however, you need a certain skill-set for that—most DIYs results in poor coverage, unoptimized storage and insufficient control. Therefore, you should hire experts from CCTV installation services Enfield.

Considering Installation for CCTV

Most customers think installing CCTV keep you safe. However, that not exactly what you think. Installing security cameras help you capture any untoward incident inside your territory. Besides, you can save your investment on staffing too. But, here are attributes that you need to acknowledge.

Monitoring the System

If you plan to monitor using the internet, deploying an IP Address for your Digital Video Recorder (DVR) enables easy survey and recording. Also. An Ethernet cable carries information using the Ethernet witch.

Deploying CCTV Cameras

You need to settle on the number of cameras to secure complete security. Now, this totally depends upon the expanse of the areas for the survey, the nature of the requirement and other challenges that you face regularly.


Cameras should be invisible when deployed; else, this may caution trespassers. CCTV installations service in Enfield includes experts. We ensure cameras are hidden from view by being in the most exquisite clefts and crevices. You should also know that these places protect the cameras from extreme weather conditions, i.e. hailstorms, high-speed winds, rains, etc.

Power Backup

For 24x7 high-quality CCTV surveillance, you need to make sure there's a constant power supply. You need to have a strong backup. Therefore, when you hire Computer Krayzee, we work on a continuous power supply and a reliable power backup. This helps your system deal with security even in case of power cuts.

Testing Installation

Once installed, it is significant to run tests. If there's an issue with your closed-circuit television system, our experts can fix it before things go wrong. Testing establishment frequently is the best way to keep the arrangement in its best condition. Remember, a stitch in time save nine!


At some point, your CCTV cameras will need servicing. However, when you have a 24x7 ready team, getting issues fixed won't be a big hurdle. While cameras have good longevity, you'll need cable replacement regularly. There are many brands in the market; however, experts can get things sorted at a meagre cost.

Declaration and legality

When installing a CCTV camera, the law requires you to inform people that they are subjected to recordings. This specifically focuses on public areas like offices and stores. In the case of residential places, make sure you inform visitors. Additionally, it is illegal to install CCTV cameras in private areas such as a bathroom.


When searching CCTV installation service in enfiled, stick to the budget that gives you value for money. A tight budget may get you entry-level cameras; however, don't curtail funds when it's a security matter.

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