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5 Things to Ask at CCTV Installation Services Enfield before Hiring

September 03, 2020 | by V1 Technologies CCTV Installation Services

CCTV Installation offers many features. Not only does it keeps your surrounding safe but also helps you cut the price on security cover. But, for that, you need to select the latest system in order to capture the high-quality footage. Now, being a new customer, you may find many hurdles when installing; however, there are things you need to question the service provider before you go further. But let us see some quick tips. So, here are some queries that you need to ask.

1) Is IP Or Analog Camera Viable?

As you know, the analog system runs on the traditional approach capturing footage to a DVR system. However, it comes with a greater limitation as compared to the modern IP system. At CCTV installation services Enfield, we offer IP or internet protocol cameras. IP cameras provide an edge by providing a greater angle of capture along with higher resolution.

2) How the CCTV Cover Potential Areas?

CCTV cameras are high-quality cameras that offer 24x7 security. However, there might be potential areas that need extra coverage. Before installing the service, it is always best to speak out your mind to the service provider. In fact, it is best if you can give a short virtual tour so that the technicians can understand the areas of vulnerability. At Enfield, we ensure that we fulfill your demand applying the best of technology.

3) Ask About Computer Networking Issues

CCTV Installation is not a child's play. Perhaps, it is more than a few steps of adjusting cameras. And if the technicians do such a thing, it is better not to go with the service. An able CCTV installation service ensures fixing computer networks by utilizing IP driven devices. At Computer Krayzee, we have a team of technicians, and we deliver a bespoke method keeping in mind about the infrastructural designs. Also, you need to know that the technicians are well experienced with work.

4) How Is the Service Warranty?

When you go for CCTV installation, always ask the service provider about the warranty period. Electronic appliances may run out of order anytime, and it will be beneficial if you can produce a warranty card. Likewise, many cameras also offer after-sales service. As a result, you may avail of regular servicing of the system. Periodic servicing increases the shelf life of the system.

5) What Is the Legal Procedure for Installing?

There is a legal procedure if you plan to keep the space recorded. This is especially if you are planning to capture a point in public areas. Likewise, the sign stating CCTV installation should serve your purpose. Also, for home purposes, you must inform workers or maids about the CCTV installation. Again, it is illegal to install CCTV cameras in private places.


CCTV Installation is a very significant task as it captures day to day activities. Therefore, you should always go for a service provider who has long term market experience. Computer Krayzee has been serving the market for over a decade. We ensure quality service at the cheapest price.

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