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Speed Up Your Pc With These Top Tricks From Computer Krayzee

July 28, 2022 | by V1 TechnologiesSpeed Up Your Pc With These Top Tricks From Computer Krayzee

Sick and tired of the spinning wheel on your PC? That slowdown is a preview of a bigger disaster? If you have encountered such issues, you should unquestionably check into ways to make your computer faster. Additionally, you're not alone, and the computer repair shop in Enfield has assisted other clients in repairing such issues without difficulty. Nowadays, we are accustomed to technology that moves quickly; you may not want to work on a system that moves slowly.

Here, we'll focus on an extensive guideline for speeding up your computer.

Complete update

Have there been any new updates recently? You skipped a crucial step if you didn't make it through but simply clicked "Remind me tonight" and completely forgot about it. First, check the system to see if it needs any system updates. Also, ensure enough free storage space on your device to run the update. As the specialists say, updates should be carried out often.

System updates help you

● Eliminate outdated features

● Improve the security

● Fasten the operations

● Provide new features

● Boost the efficiency


It shouldn't surprise you that a whole hard disc memory might slow down the pace. In general, the hard disc reduces the amount of free space needed for system functions. Our computer repair shop in Enfield suggests clearing at least 500 MB of space.

There are many things you can do to free up space, such as

● Remove all duplicate files

● Clear the trash

● Clean temporary files

● Delete application you no longer use

Add an external drive

Our computer repair shop in Enfield can offer the ideal solution if your PC requires extra space. Consider using external drives. These are excellent for storing and backup copies of essential files. Put in the external drive and load it with all the necessary files. You may want to save important data on these drives.


Laptops are significantly impacted by cooling. Setting your computer down on a pillow or couch made of cloth raises several red flags. The system can get too hot if you put them on such surfaces. The crucial components of your laptop get destroyed since the fans have nowhere to vent the heat. We strongly advise setting up the device on a firm surface. You may always contact the professionals at Computer Krayzee, if there is a problem with your system.

Upgrade your RAM

RAM is short-term storage that supports system programme execution. Insufficient RAM will cause your computer to lag. Additionally, you may upgrade at any computer repair shop in Enfield. It's best to work in this area as you want a system that offers smooth service. If you're confused about what specification you need to go for, you may always speak to the experts.

Final Wrap

These were some of the methods to enhance your system's performance. Spend some time learning about each specification. Additionally, speak with our professionals at Computer Krayzee to get started. We offer the most effective solution to speed up your system.

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