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Simple Tweaks before You Go for iPhone repair

September 30, 2021 iPhone repair

In today's tech-savvy world, where several people have some level of technical understanding, the phone repair can be pretty ticky at some point. However, some issues require 100% assistance from a trained professional. Computer Krayzee is a leading iPhone repair shop in Enfield. We include an experienced team and help you get your phone like before.

Most of the time, we have seen repair works need just a straightforward approach. Besides, a quick tweak can make things okay, and you don't need to worry about costly repairs that are required. With the help of experts on board, we can perform quick fixes and help you experience seamless service.

Here are some common tweaks we'll tell you before you take your iPhone to arepair shop in Enfield.

Black Screen

A black screen on your phone may come due to various reasons. In most cases, this is just a result of the phone's display settings being turned off or going to sleep due to inactivity. When you press the home button, the wallpaper on the background may show up as usual. Therefore, this could be an easy fix.

If this is not an issue and the battery seems normal, go for a reboot and restore factory settings. However, if this doesn't work, it's best to call an iPhone repair shop in Enfield.

Battery Issue (Draining too fast)

The battery issue is one of the most common problems that iPhone users face. Most users face this problem after they go for an upgrade. Moreover, if you recently went for an upgrade, try saving the data and performing a factory reset. If this fails to show the result, your phone must be using too many high-battery-usage apps. It's best to delete those that are of no use. Check the performance after you run the task.

If the issues remain the same, you may need to go for a battery replacement service from an iPhone repair shop in Enfield.

White Screen

If there's faulty hardware, you'll come across the issue of a white screen. This can sometimes be due to a jailbreak or "snowy" software. In most cases, our experts at Computer Krayzee have experienced that the screen may not start at all. In such a scenario, it's best to ensure that the device is plugged into both an outlet and a computer. On the other side, if the phone charges remain unresponsive, this happens due to an issue with iOS itself or faulty hardware. You need to take the phone to an expert.

Why Go for an expert repair service provider?

iPhones are complex gadgets and need an expert when handling the repair work. When you go to a professionaliPhone repair shop in Enfield, they'll ensure that the device gets repaired perfectly. Moreover, your phone includes data, and losing it isn't an option.

Computer Krayzee is a leading repair service provider. Our over two decades of experience has made us the market leader in Enfield. If you are searching for an experienced team, make sure you give us a call or visit us at our store in Enfield.

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