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Simple but Important Things to Remember About Hand Sanitizer

May 28, 2020 | by V1 Technologies Computer Repair Service

Hand sanitizers have undoubtedly stormed the market due to the terrific transmission of the novel coronavirus. Moreover, 2020 is going to be the year of alcohol sanitizers and PPE. As a responsible business house of London, Computer Kryazee offers a detailed insight into why a bottle of hand sanitizer should be a part of your lifestyle. Moreover, does all the hand sanitizer equally works on killing the novel coronavirus? Stick with us as we offer a precise understanding when it comes to selecting the right-hand sanitizer from the market.

Hand sanitizers work to dispense bacteria from the skin portion further cleansing the overall area. However, these sanitizers come upon its variants. Therefore, you may consider that sanitizers can be divided into

  • Alcohol-based sanitizer
  • Non-alcohol based sanitizer

Going through the current scenario, you should only go for alcohol-based sanitizers. Moreover, researchers have shown that the novel coronavirus tends to exist even after cleansing with alcohol-based hand sanitizers. However, hand sanitizers with over 70% of alcohol content have the potential to neutralize the virus. Still, most of the people lack knowledge when purchasing sanitizers. At Computer Krayzee, our first task is to make buyers understand the difference and further offer the product. When going for hand sanitizer you should also know that these cleansers range from 60% to 90% alcohol content.

Working Principle

Hand sanitizers are being efficiently used to kill the novel coronavirus. Therefore, the active ingredient present in the sanitizer (a combination of isopropyl alcohol and ethanol) when rubbed instantly kills the virus. Further, they can kill all the types of other viruses including the flu virus, the common cold virus and even HIV. However, you should ensure to rub your hand for up to 30 seconds after application. But, if your hands are contaminated with fluids or are greasy, make sure you cleanse it thoroughly. The sanitizer may work only if your hands are free of moisture.

Hand Sanitizers Vs Soap Water Wash

There has been a huge debate regarding the soap water wash versus hand sanitizers. Although at some point, washing hand with soap is a healthy measure it never guarantees to kill all viruses i.e. coronaviruses. But hand sanitizers are the most convenient way to stop the contamination. Even healthcare workers prefer to use it rather than going for a plain soap water wash.


Alcohol content makes hand sanitizers very much inflammable, therefore, one needs to be very careful when sanitizing. To ensure safe usage of sanitizers makes sure that you rub it until your hands get dry. Further, such dryness also indicates that the alcohol has evaporated thereby succumbing the risk.

On the other hand, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration strictly advocates not to ingest, use in eyes or allow children to use it. If consumed, it may lead to alcohol contamination amongst children.


  • Apply hand sanitizer to the palm of your hand
  • Rub it until it dries up
  • Refrain from going near inflammable substance
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