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Revive Your Wet Phone: Essential Mobile Repair Tips

May 17, 2024 | by V1 Technologies mobile repair, mobile repairing

Understanding Water Damage: How to Save Your Wet Phone

Our mobile phones are practically extensions of ourselves these days. They store precious memories, connect us to loved ones, and help us navigate our daily lives. So, when our phone takes a tumble into the toilet or gets caught in a downpour, it can feel like a disaster. But don't despair! Water damage is a common problem for phone users. With quick action and the right steps for mobile repairing, you might be able to save your water-damaged phone.

Let us explore the important aspects of mobile repairing, in case your device gets wet. We will guide you through understanding water damage and the steps to take to potentially revive your beloved device.

Act Quickly: Time is of the Essence

The faster you take action, the better your chances of rescuing your phone. Every second counts when it comes to preventing water from seeping deeper into the delicate internal components. Water has a way of finding its way into even the tiniest crevices, and the longer it sits, the higher the risk of damage to the delicate internal components. Every second counts, so don't waste precious time pondering what to do next.

Power Down Immediately

The very first step you should take is to turn off your phone. This might seem obvious, but it's crucial to prevent electrical shorts and potential fires. Water conducts electricity, and when it comes in contact with your phone's circuits, it can cause a short circuit, leading to permanent damage or even a fire. Don't hesitate – turn it off as quickly as possible.

Expose the Vulnerable Bits: Remove the Case and External Accessories

Mobile phone cases offer great protection against scratches and bumps, but when dealing with water damage, they can become a double-edged sword. Water can get trapped between your phone and the case, making the drying process much slower. Take off the case immediately to allow for better airflow and facilitate faster drying. Furthermore, remove any external components like the SIM card, SD card, and headphones. Water damage can affect these components as well, so removing them minimises potential losses.

Drying the Surface Meticulously: Patience is a Virtue

Now, it's time to tackle the visible water on the phone's exterior. Grab a clean, lint-free cloth (a microfiber cloth is ideal) and gently dab the surface. Avoid the urge to scrub or shake your phone, as this might force water deeper into the device. Focus on removing any visible moisture, especially around the ports and openings on the phone, as these are entry points for water to reach the internal components.

Don't Use Risky Drying Methods

Resist the urge to put your phone in the rice bag, a myth that has been circulating for years. Rice can harbour dust and debris that could get lodged in your phone's ports. Avoid using heat sources like hair dryers or microwaves, as these can warp or melt internal components. 

What to Do Instead: Consider Desiccants

For a more effective drying method, consider using desiccants. These are moisture-absorbing packets often found in packaging materials.  Silica gel packets are a great option, but even unused cat litter can work in a pinch. Place your phone in an airtight container filled with desiccants and leave it there for at least 48 hours.

Be Patient: Allow for Complete Drying

Even if your phone appears dry on the outside, moisture can still linger inside. Be patient and resist the urge to turn on your phone too early. Allow it to sit undisturbed in the desiccant container for at least 48 hours, preferably longer. The best course of action is always to prevent water damage from happening in the first place. Consider getting a waterproof phone case and avoid using your phone in environments where it could get wet.

Seek Professional Help

If, after the drying period, your phone fails to turn on, exhibits unusual behaviour like flickering screens or distorted sound, or has visible water damage, don't hesitate to seek professional help. A qualified mobile repair service like Computer Krayzee in London can diagnose the issue and attempt advanced repairs to revive your phone. Mobile repair technicians have the expertise and tools to deal with water damage on a deeper level, potentially salvaging your phone or recovering important data.


We understand how stressful it can be to experience water damage on your phone. By following these steps and acting quickly, you might be able to save your device. However, if your phone requires professional attention, don't hesitate to seek help.

Here at Computer Krayzee, we offer expert mobile repair services in London. Our skilled technicians can address a wide range of mobile phone concerns, including water damage. We understand how important your phone is to you, and we'll work diligently to get it back up and running so you can enjoy using your device again. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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