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Mistakes to Avoid When Availing Fast Mobile Repair Services in Enfield

July 30, 2020 | by V1 Technologies Mobile Repair Services

Everyone wants to have a phone but none wants to face the wrath of its defect. Likewise, mobile phones are electronic gadget and they can break down any time that too without any notice. So, what do you do if your phone breaks down? Of course, you will go to the nearest service store. But wait! This is where most of the customers make a mistake. Are you in such a hurry that you want to walk inside any random store to get your device done? In fact, people are so much into their phones that they do not mind to check the service quality the repair store offers. On the other side, you may be risking your privacy. Remember, data theft is more than business for the frauds.

As you stick with us, Computer Krayzee will focus on some key mistakes to avoid before handing your phone. If you are in Enfield and searching for fast mobile repair service. We are the best repair store. But, here are a few issues that customers unknowingly commit. As a leading repair store, it is our responsibility to let customers understand the importance of choosing the right store.

Lightminded Approach While Quoting

Repairing is a complex procedure. But, most of the customers act frivolously when it comes to quoting. Remember the price may vary as per the service. If you are on a tight budget, you may end up paying more. So, to ensure you are spending less it is always the best to get an appropriate quote before you go for further servicing. Moreover, the repair stores may not tell you an appropriate price nevertheless you should remind them to quote the price.

Data Safety & Security

Data safety is the most common thing that comes to your mind when you take your phone for repair. But, with Computer Krayzee, you need not worry about it. We follow a strict SOP before we receive your phone. Likewise, once we start our work, we ensure that none of your personal detail is disclosed and the process is carried most securely. Our technicians take essential steps so that no data is breached.

Not Focusing on Ratings and Reviews

Technology has answers to all our problems. In fact, whenever you want to select a service, it is best to check the review pointed by customers prior to a visit. Ratings and reviews are eye-openers which makes the customer understand the quality of service. So, be it repair or updating accessories, a short tour on the review section will put a clear idea about how the stores serve its customers.


Fast repair store employs highly efficient technicians. They are pretty much occupied with their repair service. It is best to enquire them either through a call or directly so that you won't have to face the delay. Meanwhile, you can also book an appointment which will equally save your time too. You can consider it to be reliable for the service they offer.

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