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Maximise Your Tablet's Efficiency With the Help of The Best Tablet Repair Shops in Enfield

Mar 10, 2022 | by V1 Technologies Maximise Your Tablet's Efficiency With the Help of The Best Tablet Repair Shops in Enfield

Computer Krayzee is one of the leading tablet repair shops based in Enfield. We're well known for our quality repair work. From smartphones to computers and tablets, we help repair almost every type of gadget. We often provide simple expertise in a number of areas, i.e., optimised app usage to several other themes. One such place that can be tough for tablet users is remaining productive. Tablets offer so many things. Besides, it provides exciting features even for those working or meeting critical needs to stay focused.

Here are some tricks our best tablet repair shops in Enfield provide when you go for our assistance.

Customise Dock and widgets

One central value-added area for iPads and other tablets is the ability to personalise experience completely. You can go for the Dock on the bottom of the home screen, for starters. This includes whichever apps you want to access frequently. You can also have the power to control which widgets you see in Notification Center based on apps.

Here, all you need to do is swipe down from any home screen and click "Edit" at the top. Now simply click and drag the widgets you wish to see. Now, feel free to personalise the experience even further once you customise how each widget looks on your screen.

Cloud connection

For those who utilise tablets for business, it is the best option to access files and data through the cloud. This enables you to update and save documents while on the go easily. Moreover, you won't require to sync the device with a computer or other options. Now the security of the data is ensured, and only you are able to access it.

File management

Another fantastic feature that the best tablet repair shops in Enfield helps you explore is the ability to access multiple files in one place. While many rely on Dropbox to store much of their important files, tablets have an option to view these documents as per the need quickly. We recommend simply downloading the official Dropbox app and using iCloud or other online services to sync the different devices with the cloud.

The spilt view

For those tablets that support Split View, it's a fantastic option. This allows you actually to use multiple apps on the screen simultaneously. When you get the chance to drag an app to either side of the screen. Customers get to view both simultaneously.

Why Us?

Established in 2005, we've built our brand from the scratch. Meanwhile, we're able to make it fast due to our exceptional service. As of now, Computer Krayzee stands as one of the best tablet repair shops in Enfield. Our large team of technically proficient engineers can render all your requisites in no time.


Get your tablet's efficiency enhanced with the support of the experts at the best bargains. We utilise the most advanced system when working on your gadget. Dial us now for more details only at 0208 363 3337.