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Keeping Your iPhone Safe at The Beach

Nov 04, 2021 iPhone repair shop

While beaches are one of the most exciting places you'll ever visit, be it Christmas or new year's eve, if you're planning to visit a beach, make sure you take proper care of your gadget, especially your iPhone. Besides, when prepping for a day by the shore, you'll need more than just towels and sunscreen. Make sure that you've prepared your iPhone for the trip.

The things that make us so drawn to the beach, i.e., the salty ocean, water, sun, and sand, can significantly affect your electronic device. However, here are some of the sea-side precautions that the iPhone repair shop in Enfield will list down.

Away from direct sunlight

We highly recommend keeping your phone out of direct sunlight and off the ground. Moreover, the direct sunlight and heat from the sand can cause damage to the device. In order to protect the device, our iPhone repair shop in Enfieldrecommends covering it with a towel or some other cloth.

Put it near a cooler, provided you don't risk getting water damaged if the phone doesn't happen to overheat, its best to move the phone to a cooler area. Also, you may try putting it on airplane mode or even shutting it off to let it cool down.

Close maps

Close all the programs that include heavy apps. Games or apps that use a lot of power will heat the system. Besides, the temperature outside is catalyzing. Moreover, you're to the beach to disconnect with the world, so why not simply switch it off.

Use dust plugs

There are dust plugs available to keep those sneaky tiny grains away from your phone. Besides, sand out every time you get back to your place. Sadly the remaining sands on the phone can hijack the phone's port. At Computer Krayzee, we have had customers who faced these sorts of issues many times. Also, it can scratch the screen. Before you visit a beach for your holiday, make sure you get a screen protector or, better, invest in a heavy-duty waterproof case. They should protect your iPhone from sand and other issues.

Waterproof Your Phone

While even a small amount of regular tap water can start the corrosion process in your phone, seawater is even worse and causes corrosion to occur faster. Protect the phone from possible water damage by keeping it in a waterproof wrapping or case.

You can purchase a high-quality waterproof case from an iPhone repair shop in Enfield. You can simply hang it around the neck to use the phone through the plastic or even toss it in a ziplock bag.

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