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iPhone Screen Replacement Service: What Apple Repair Shop Wants You to Know

August 12, 2021 | by V1 Technologies Mobile Repair Shop

Got your iPhone screen damaged by accident? Time to get the screen replaced. But, the first thing apple repair shop recommend is to relax! The next thing we would like to tell you is that accidents do happen, and if there's an issue on the phone, you really need to seek an expert's help. Moreover, don't jump for a new phone. It's possible to get your iPhone repaired without blowing your monthly salary. However, before we talk about the overall repair work, our experts at the apple repair shop will focus on some of the critical characteristics of the display.


The iPhone comes with different models, and each model has its specialty. The Apple iPhone 8 features a 4.7" multi-touch Retina HD display with IPS technology. Moreover, it's the first model to feature True Tone. We focused on the iPhone 8 as screen replacement can be pretty tricky here. Moreover, the front camera and earpiece are connected to the display. This makes the screen of the iPhone 8 challenging. Also, the home button is equally delicate.

Apple repair shop experts have to be very cautious when working on the Home button. Also, the slightest of over-tightening can wreck the entire thing.


Our experts at Computer Krayzee segment screen replacement into various portions. Moreover, this covers

Replacement screens

These don't come cheap. Besides, it is difficult to tell the quality until it has been fixed onto the phone and the customer actually uses it. Therefore, we recommend going with a service provider who offers genuine spare parts. At Computer Krayzee, we're a leading repair store, and all the features and specifications are directly shipped from the manufacturers.

Specialized Tool Kit

Apple repair shop utilize a specialized tool kit when working on your device. Moreover, the iPhone comes with several tiny parts. If these parts get damaged, the entire phone may stop working. Working with a specialized tool kit ensures that you don't touch other features that are not damaged. One key concern is the lithium-ion battery. It may catch fire or burst if accidentally punctured.

Removing and reinstalling Home Button

The Home button is the trickiest part of the overall replacement work. Experts at Apple repair shop simply lift it through the screen. After the broken screen is removed, the home button is replaced through the hole in the screen. Only the most experienced technicians can ensure that the replaced display performs exactly like the original one.

Why Computer Krayzee

Computer Krayzee offers the best quality screen replacement service in Enfield. Likewise, you don't have to worry about taking the phone to the Apple repair shop. Our technicians can come to your place, pick it, repair and deliver it. Also, we offer free local collections.

Your iPhone is accorded the highest standard of care and attention. Moreover, our experts offer express repair service. This means that you can get your iPhone screen repaired in less than an hour.

If you're looking for a reliable apple repair shop in Enfield, make sure you visit us.

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