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How Your Computer Store is Assisting the Fight against COVID-19

April 16, 2020 | by V1 Technologies Computer Store

The Coronavirus lockdown seems to be extending day by day as there is no vaccine for the treatment. As of now, staying at home is the only best solution, however, amidst pandemic, we are one of the few enterprises that offer essential service for our customers. Likewise, Compute Krayzee takes all the precautions when running our emergency services. We have set up our service keeping in mind about the basic requirements. In such troubling times, our members also offer service right at your doorstep.

The COVID-19 is a form of flu that slowly affects the respiratory system thus causing soreness, cough, cold and pneumonia. What is more concerning is the spread which happens through tiny droplets once people come in contact with the patient.Likewise, there are certain guidelines recommended by the NHS to stop the spread of the flu. Despite following all the norms, the UK is still facing one of the biggest spread of the disease. As you can emphasize that microbes harbouring this disease needs to be contained, one can swiftly take measure to control the spread.

Computer Karyzee has come up with alcohol-based sanitizer that can prevent further transmission. However, you must understand that sanitizers with over 70% of alcohol can only kill the germs. Therefore, we have stocked up hand sanitizers for our customers along with our computer repair service. So get your sanitizer from our store as soon as possible. Further, make sure to use sanitizer frequently.

Emergency Services from Computer Krayzee

In the wee hour of the pandemic, Computer Krayzee is open from 10 am to 6 pm offering basic service facility to its customers. We advise you to visit our store to take our service only if it is essential. Apart from hand sanitizers, we are also servicing computers and mobile phones. On the other hand, to keep you protected from the novel coronavirus, our staff will visit your place, take your system, work on it and deliver. This facility has been developed keeping in mind about your requirement.

Computer Krayzee has also come up with a 30% discount to all the COVID-19 warriors who have been continuously fighting against the spread of disease. If you are one of them directly or indirectly involved against the fight, you can avail the discount. Besides, in such times of need, members from Computer Krayzee will also drop necessary shopping items, e-vape liquids, sanitizers straight to your door. Meanwhile, we offer a free parking facility inside Morrison's Southbury Road EN1 1TW.


  • Wash your hand every time you get back home with alcohol sanitizer or soap water
  • Make a social distance of over 6ft
  • Always wear protective gears when going out
  • Do exercise regularly


  • Travel uselessly
  • Visit crowded places

COVID-19 can be fought easily following the norms guided by the government. Therefore, there is no need to panic as the government and the health workers are taking the best measure to fight against the disease. Stay healthy stay fit.

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