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How to Differentiate a Fake Screen Protector from a Real One

May 19, 2022 | by V1 Technologies How to Differentiate a Fake Screen Protector from a Real One

A screen protector is essential when it comes to the safety of your phone. Besides, you must be looking for tempered glass. Not only are these more durable, but in case they shatter, they'll ensure that the shattering only occurs on the protector and not on the actual screen of the phone itself. Keeping all these things in mind, you must connect with the best mobile accessories shops in Enfield in order to get the best quality screen protectors.

Remember, there are many fakes in the market and only a couple of genuine tempered glasses. To ensure you purchase the real deal , here are a couple of ways to spot a fake tempered phone screen protector for your phone.

Its too cheap

The reason users prefer tempered glass is because they offer a long lifespan. Moreover, they are crafted out of tempered glass and not any run-of-the-mill plastic protector. Therefore, the manufacturing process here is more intricate and detailed.

The cost of these must be steeper than other screen protectors. If the prices are too low, it's likely that it's not a genuine tempered glass screen protector.


Some companies try to sell their phone screen protectors in a pack of two or more. This shows an impression that you get a discount when you purchase them. However, there's one protector and a few other types of protectors at the inflated process most of the time.

If you're looking for a genuine tempered glass, you must only be looking at Enfield's best mobile accessories shops. If it comes in a package, there's a high chance that you are not getting a genuine tempered glass.

Scratches easily

The most significant advantage of a tempered glass screen protector is its durability. If you can install it correctly, a genuine glass will last for a lifetime on the phone.

However, if you happen to opt for a fake product, you'll experience scratches even with the slightest of slip-ups. This is because it is made of plastic, which is more fragile. You'll get frustrated with scratching when you have a fake tempered glass. It's best to opt for a different type of screen protector made out of other materials.

Poor clarity

Clarity is possibly the most significant advantage of having tempered glass. It's, after all, made out of glass which is made to retain its clarity for as long as possible.

If the tempered glass screen protector is of poor quality, it is a definite red flag. Besides, if the screen protector offers poor clarity, you are dealing with a fake one.

Final Wrap

It doesn't matter whether you purchase a tempered glass protector for your iPhone or Android. You must protect your device with a genuine quality product. You must rest easy by investing in the real one from a reputable and trustworthy brand.

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