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Here's What Top Laptop Repair in Enfield Has to say About Touchpad Fixes

Jan 13, 2022 | by V1 Technologies Here's What Top Laptop Repair in Enfield Has to say About Touchpad Fixes

A laptop touchpad is a common problem, and this may occur due to conflicts on some software and drivers. If the touchpad fails to work, many things come to play in our minds. Some of the common queries include

● Why is the touchpad not working?

● How to enable my laptop touchpad?

● Why does my laptop completely disappear?

● How do I turn my laptop touchpad back on?

You must have understood that outdated versions of software and drivers can be the main reason behind that. Moreover, bad hardware systems are the most common cause. Also, some might occasionally stop working, which can cause a significant issue. Now, you might be worrying about what one can do in such a situation.

What to do if the touchpad fails to work?

If the problem started recently, experts from laptop repair in Enfield recommend restarting the system and seeing if it works. While it sounds hectic and it's obvious not to panic at the moment. It's best to go with the simplest possible way. Sometimes, there's a possibility when the touchpad is not switched on in settings. This happens when you allow the external mouse to get connected. Besides, if you own a Windows 10, there are dedicated settings.

Enable your Windows Touchpad

Many laptops have an FN key that combines with the F1 and F2 keys for special operations. Changing the wireless connectivity or setting the brightness level is helpful for some of these. One of these combinations may disable the touchpad. Press this key combination and ensure the touchpad starts working again.

Besides, Windows 10 gives you a fantastic security settings option.

Remove other mouse USB

Another important troubleshooting step for a laptop touchpad issue is to clear the USB mouse connected to your laptop. Besides, our experts from Laptop repair in Enfieldrecommend removing any external device in use. Basically, some laptops may automatically disconnect the touchpad when you plug in some external mouse. Therefore, this could be why the laptop touchpad may not be working correctly.

Touchpad disable zone setting

There's a small square logo at the top left corner of the laptop touchpad. It is responsible for the touchpad buttons not working. If there's a logo on your laptop, double-tapping the logo enables or disables the process. Therefore, this might also cause a problem if the touchpad fails to work. In order to solve the issue, we highly recommend enabling the feature by going settings->Devices->Touchpad->Additional Settings->Touchpad entry->Settings->Touchpad Disable zone->Unticking and double-tap to disable the Touchpad.

Disable tablet PC services

Some Windows devices with a touchscreen offer a unique Tablet PC input Service feature. This feature controls the touch functionality. It makes the touchpad work properly. Also, it disables the trackpad in tablet mode.


The above mentioned were some of the issues that your laptop touch may have come across. In case you aren't able to solve the problem, we highly recommend getting help from a professional laptop repair in Enfield.

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