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Guide to Detect “Copy” iPhone Screen Vs Originals- iPhone Screen Repair Shop in Enfield

December 31, 2020 | by V1 Technologies iPhone Screen Repair Shop

iPhone Screens may get cracked if dropped and working on a damaged phone is very much irritating. You'll probably face many concerns and the most common one being fingerprint reader issue. Apart from that cracked LCD display offers poorer resolution with worse brightness and reduced refresh rate. If you are planning to go for screen replacement service, you've got two option

  • Copy product
  • Original product

Originals screens are entirely manufactured for Apple and can be quite expensive. However, it comes with many positive points. Meanwhile, copy products are designed by third-party companies not associated with Apple. The only difference here is about the price.

But, repair centres across Enfield have little idea that they are using the copy product. This is why customers end up with quick damage. On the other side, we would personally have gone with the original product had we needed a screen repair service. Also, iPhone screen repairs in Enfield are not here to only make money. In fact, we recommend genuine products as they are far higher in quality and the price difference is affordable.

Finding The Difference Yourself

One recent example that will tell you about a customer. A middle-aged woman and an architect by professional walked to our store with an iPhone 6 screen. She'd replaced her screen elsewhere, and the quality of service was extremely poor. We knew at first glance it was a copy screen. However, here's what she'd got to her phone

  • The copy screen had lower brightness, vibrancy and contrast- it seemed “washed out” particularly
  • The screen appeared far coarser-a little closeup made obvious that it has a much lower resolution
  • The frame was already coming off

Now, what we could instantly review was, this was the worst copy she had to her iPhone. Meanwhile, she had to pay twice to get the issue solved. The price difference between original and copy product is more or less £10 to £15.

Meanwhile, you can also get a copy screen our store. But we don't recommend, and you won't get any sort of warranty in case there's an issue with your phone.

Difference In Quality

You should clearly know that despite the name “copy” screens aren’t even direct copy of the Apple products. It is a well-known fact that these are simply a compatible replacement for short-term usability. Here we provide insight on various areas that get affected when availing a copy part

LCD Screens

  • Copy parts are known to destroy the LCD panels. Typical issues that you'll face include
  • Weaker brightness
  • Lower resolution
  • Reduced refresh rate

Touch Problems

One of the biggest difference you find is the touch sensor, also commonly known as the digitizer. Apple manufactures as part of the LCD itself while copy products have it stuck on the glass. Also, only a small number of companies manufacture these bare LCDs. These are further brought by companies who add components into a complete working screen.

Mismatch Parts

The performance screen of most of the copy manufacturers is not at all similar to the originals. Therefore, your mobile phone will experience quick draining of battery misleading the operating system.

Final Wrap

Copy screen is not at all good for your iPhone, in case you plan to use it for a long-time. Many areas will need fixation if you go with the copy product.

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