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Laptop Repairs: Going for Repair or A Replacement?

December 10, 2020 | by V1 Technologies Laptop Repairs: Going for Repair or A Replacement?

No computer can last forever; however, you can stretch its longevity by simply going for repair service. In fact, upgrades and repairs are a significant part of computers and laptops, but at a certain stage, you may need a new system. Every system slows down even when you use it for the exact amount of time for a certain period.

However, before you shell out for a new Laptop, you can quickly figure out what is actually causing such an issue. Moreover, visiting a laptop repair can comprehensively help you understand whether you can go for a repair or seek a new system. Likewise, here's what Computer Krayzee does when it comes to testing.

Diagnose the Issue

Your laptop comes with a range of components, and each of these accessories has its specifications. There can be hundreds of reasons why your laptop is causing an issue. You can make a worthy decision once the computer technician runs a test further capturing the problem.

Software issue is the most common problem faced by most of the users. Therefore, virus or malware test will tell you to know if there's an infection in the background. On the other side, technicians run OS testing to find if the system is corrupted or not.


Cost is the biggest factor after the diagnose. Running a quick analysis on the cost will let you understand how much you'll need to pay. Meanwhile, if the total amount you spend is equally worth it, you can further go for repair service.

Most of the businesses apply the "50% rule". If the repairs exceed 50% of the total cost of replacing, then you should go for a replacement. For eg, if the estimate is $300 and the new computer costs around $600, then you should probably go for a brand new system.


Time is a major thing when it comes to repairing. If you use your laptop for a personal purpose like browsing, check out social media then, you can send it to a computer repair shop for a few days and not worry about much.

On the other side, if you need for work purpose or it's for your school, then, you might not have much time. As a result, you can seek a service provider than offer express repair service. Computer Krayzee offers repair service in an hour time.

Service Warranty

Warranty is a big deal and can help you save a lot in the long-run. If your laptop is under the warranty period, you can always go for a repair at a free cost. Also, in case there has been a serious issue to your system, you can avail most of the benefits. Also, laptop repairs in Enfield offer a warranty on the service.

Final Wrap

Computer Krayzee is a leading laptop repair based in Enfield. We offer exceptional quality service at the best price. Also, we offer home repair of computers and laptop amid pandemic.

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