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Essential Things You Need to Stock Regularly to Fight the Pandemic

April 30, 2020 | by V1 Technologies Essential Things

The World Health Organization announced the novel coronavirus as a devastating pandemic in early March. Since the announcement, all the countries have been trying their best to fight against the spread. Even here in the UK, our government has been taking regressive measures to stop the spread. However, it is a big challenge and lockdown was the only viable measure to stop more numbers of causalities.

Since the lockdown is strictly followed not only in the UK but across the world, the government still allows essential services so that people do not face any hurdle when staying at their residence. Moreover, authorities are trying their best by allowing local stores to supply necessary stocks. Therefore, Computer Krayzee has also volunteered to offer service during the pandemic. Besides, you should know that we take every guideline to offer safe and secure service.

While the lockdown seems to last longer than we expect, customers should stock necessary supplies periodically so that even in the worst phase you do not run out of stock. Here, Computer Krayzee enlists a few of the stocks that you need to maintain.

Food Supplies

Food supplies are the necessity of human existence. But, there is nothing to panic as the food department has been providing regular supplies to the market. Apart from that grocery stores have more than enough supplies for your daily need. You can run to the store and pick up your need. However, do not go on panic buying as this might create fear amongst other buyers. Meanwhile, there have been some cases where a few groups of individuals have been defying the lockdown. This not only hampers the fight but also rises the spread of the infection.

Medical Supplies

Medical supplies come under essential service and there has been no stoned unturned to offer a smooth flow of medicines to customers. You can get online as well as offline service of your medicine. Meanwhile, Computer Krayzee has come up with the sale of handwash and PPE. You can walk to our store or call us for your requirement. We offer handwash with 70% alcohol that readily kills the virus. What is more emphasizing is that any alcohol handwash with less than 60% may not kill the virus. So, you should always go far a sanitizer with over 60% alcohol content.

On the other hand, PPE's have been used not only by health workers but also for common use. Why bring the virus home when you can get protective gear at a nominal amount. Computer Krayzee has stocked up limited numbers of supplies for its customer. Hurry up and get yourself now!

Discounts and Offers

Computer Krayzee is the only store that offers a discount on service even during this tumultuous phase. Keeping in mind about the economic complexities, we have come with a discount for our COVID-19 warriors who have dedicated themselves for the fight. We ensure that they are graciously thanked by us. We offer discounts on any mobile phone or PC repair service.


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