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Essential Supplies That You Need to Stock To Counter COVID-19

April 02, 2020 | by V1 Technologies Essential Supplies

Coronavirus is beyond our control and the only preventive measures that one can take is to stay at home. However, this is a long fight and one needs to be very careful as the transfer of the virus has readily affected the community. Further, the only step that can stop the transmission is by being more responsible and initiating preventive measures. The current situation has caused havoc to people both physically as well as mentally. To be precise, COVID-19 is a respiratory disease just like SARS and MERS.

However, symptoms of infection include cough, fever, difficulty in breathing which ultimately leads to pneumonia, kidney failure and death. On the other hand, mental trauma has itself taken a cause to most of the individuals. As fear magnifies, we become less rational bringing stress to the body. To remove this stress, one needs to have a positive outlook on life. Not only will this promote your health but also improve the immunity functioning of the body.

Now the question arises how to be secure yourself from the disease?

Well, if we see previous data, many such pandemics had affected the world but mankind fought against such illness and further moved ahead with time. Preventive measure is the only option to safeguard oneself from this deadly virus. This includes a few essential things.

1) Sanitization

Proper sanitization is the best measure. Although there is a huge demand of sanitizers in the market Computer Krayzee has opened its emergency outlet service where we offer alcoholic sanitizers at a very cheap rate. Being a responsible store, we take our lead to fight against the COVID-19. Customers can visit our store and purchase sanitizer as per your need. However, visit our store and pick your sanitizer as soon as possible.

Apart from that, make sure you sanitize yourself quicklyevery time you reach your house. We also advise to keep your children at home and makes sure to serve them healthy food. Sanitizers are the most essential commodity that you should stock in a limited amount.

2) Food

COVID-19 has caused a great uproar to the market. We have no idea when this crisis will comet to an end, therefore, it is highly recommenced to stock food for the future. Although the government is trying hard enough to control the situation the crisis remains at its peak. In addition to that, eat freshly prepared food. This will increase your resistance power to fight the disease.

As we are passing through a very tough phase, Computer Krayzee devotes itself towards fighting the disease. However, we are also open for emergency computer and mobile repair service. For the well being of our customers, we have come up with free collection and delivery of your computer system right at your destination.

Additionally, Computer Krayzee offers 30% for our heroes who fight dauntlessly every second to keep us safe from this dreaded disease. We thank you for protecting us in this battle.

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