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COVID-19: Do All Sanitizers Work Against the Novel Coronavirus – How You Should Use

April 09, 2020 | by V1 Technologies Sanitizers

The outbreak of coronavirus has sored the sales of sanitizers in the market. With the growth of numbers of buyers, supermarket and medical stores have limited its sales. Moreover, many large scales, as well as small scale companies, have started to produce these sanitizers to meet the current scenario. Doctors claim that hand sanitizers work in reducing the infection but one should equally understand that not all sanitizers are effective in containing the virus.

The novel coronavirus, unlike common cold and flu, severely affects the respiratory system in the human body. The virus-laden droplet transmits from a patient's mouth or nose to other people. Apart from that, this may also spread through human faeces. As hands are the most common reason behind the spread. Therefore, washing hand with soap and water is much recommended by doctors across the world. Moreover, washing hands with warm water and soap readily remove the oils from our hand where the microbes harbour. Likewise, hand sanitizers equally work against killing the germs especially when soap and water are unavailable.

What most of the people don t understand is, there are two types of hand-sanitizers

  • Alcohol-based
  • Alcohol-free

The alcohol-based sanitizers contain various amount and type of sanitizer. These may range from 60% to 90% usually containing isopropyl alcohol. Ethanol or n-propanol which are capable of killing germs. On the other hand, alcohol-free sanitizers contain quaternary ammonium compounds generally benzalkonium chloride. These are less effective and can only reduce the growth of microbes.

Alcohol-based sanitizers are effective in killing many viruses such as rhinovirus, hepatitis A virus, HIV, MERS and E coli. To be more precise, the alcohol present in the sanitizer destroys the protein-envelope that surrounds these viruses. These proteins are vital for survival and multiplication. Therefore, a sanitizer needs to contain at least 60% alcohol so that the virus may not survive any further. However, researches have even shown that sanitizers with 60% alcohol fail to kill the germs. Therefore, timely hand wash is much more effective.

Due to the shortage of demand, some people even claim to produce homemade hand sanitizers, however, this might not be as effective as products available commercially. On the other side, the friction of washing along with the detergent effect of soap reduces the growth of microbes.

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