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Declutter Your iPhone with These Proven Techniques

Apr 19, 2023 | by V1 TechnologiesiPhones

Your phone serves as an alarm clock, a calendar, a camera, and other things in today's world. It's an indispensable component of your daily life. Our thoughts have expanded to include our phones. However, it's simple for our phones to get crowded and overloaded with social media, grocery lists, and underused applications. Here are some suggestions iPhone repair company in Enfield recommend to help you organise your phone so that it runs more efficiently.

Why should your phone be decluttered?

Whether you're on Team iPhone or Team Android, cleaning out your phone is good for it. Your home screen may be made cleaner by eliminating unwanted or superfluous info, and your battery life can also be enhanced. Although having junk on your phone might not seem like a major concern, you could be surprised by how much storage space these things are consuming. By employing these straightforward methods to eliminate clutter, you may greatly improve your phone's efficiency while reducing mental clutter.

1. Get Rid of Unused Apps

Have you ever had to download an app for something, never used it again, and then left it there without being deleted? You're not alone, so don't worry. Not only will getting rid of all the applications you no longer use clear up the visual clutter on your phone, but it will also make room for new ones. It's time to organise once you've gone through the apps you no longer require. You'll find it simpler to find what you're looking for if you organise your applications into folders according to categories.

2. Don't be hesitant to delete outdated voicemails and messages.

Since you primarily use your phone for communication, you most likely have a large number of texts, emails, and voicemails. These discussions tend to accumulate over time and use a sizable portion of your phone's memory. Examine your messages, then remove any communications you don't need. Voicemails should be listened to and any outdated messages deleted.

3. Review Pictures

When did you last go through your pictures, videos, and screenshots? Spend some time reviewing your images before night rather than going around social media. Delete duplicates as well as unwanted photos and videos. By backing up your photographs to the Cloud, you can free up storage while ensuring their security. You may remove images from your phone after backing them up to the cloud. Don't be scared to go the additional mile and organise them into albums if there are any that you wish to save on your smartphone.

4. Modify Notification Preferences

Is your home screen constantly filled with notifications from news, food delivery apps, games, and more? One of the easiest ways our iPhone repair company in Enfield advice is to declutter your phone is by changing notification settings. Head into the Settings app on your phone and select the apps that you no longer wish to receive notifications. This way you’ll only receive notifications that are relevant to you.

Final Wrap

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