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Computer Repair Shop in Enfield: Fast Solution for Desktop

January 09, 2020 | by V1 Technologies Computer Repair Shop in Enfield

Computer maintenance is not a choice for the user; it’s a ritual which they need to do if quality and work is at the highest priority list. Computer maintenance at a computer repair shop is a carryout process to keep the PC in a good state and avoid frequent breakdowns. Different computer units namely the hardware and the software can be handled by proper fixation for no-hassle work by an experienced computer repair shop. There are various kinds of maintenances which apply to varied circumstances like:

Data Backup and Recovery Solution

It is a kind of a preventive measure that consists of the part where the user faces problems with the data retrieval, so through certain software, the existing data is backed up at a safe place and further loss is prevented. The computer repair shop also guides you with proper data handling methods.

Hardware Installation and Upgrading the Memory

With this option, the technicians find the root cause of the problem and if they find that the configuration of the computer seems to be the problematic part, and it requires hardware up-gradation, then new hardware or new configuration is installed like RAM, printers, scanners, etc. are upgraded!


This is the process to scan, identify, diagnose and fix the problem within the computer system. It’s a mechanism from the start to the end of the problem with a universal formula that a diligent computer repair shop performs for a better result.

Antivirus Installation

Antivirus is a boon to the IT industry, which has a perfect working strategy to save the PCs without any harassment to the user. Our PC goes through so many inputs and the internet’s malicious sites. Sometimes up-gradation or format of OS is required which the antivirus cannot handle. A well-renowned antivirus blocks any unusual virus entry in your device and prevents further loopholes.

A computer repair shop may also have to repair or replace the monitor screen, keyboard, mouse, connecting ports and other parts of the computer for its smooth functioning. A timely detection of the problem saves unnecessary harassment to the user and further time and money loss. Be it software or hardware, both need necessary up-keeping and maintenance for the proper working of any device.

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