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7 Things Computer Accessories Company Recommend to Check Before Going for Customization

January 07, 2021 | by V1 Technologies Computer Accessories Company

At Computer Krayzee, we come across a section of customers wanting to customize their system. A personal computer is still the best when it comes to gaming. While you have the option to go for shelf-ready desktop systems, at a computer accessories company in Enfield, we recommend building your personal computer. It won't be cheaper, but you definitely get what you want, and the performance will undoubtedly be exceptional.

As you stick with this article, Computer Krayzee will put a detailed insight into what you should consider when custom-building your PC.

Overclocking System

The application of the overclocking makes the system work faster than the specified settings provided by the manufacturer. Overclockable processors and motherboards are not that expensive, and dedicated graphics cards should be overclocked. Likewise, overclocking releases heat and therefore, your components should have a proper cooling system


When going for customization, proper cooling is always a contributing factor. In fact, it enhances the performance of your PC by manifold. You have two options to choose from. Either go for an air cooling system or water cooling system. Air cooling is cheap but noisier due to the speedy fans. Most of the CPU includes an air cooler and fan; however, you can always choose something bigger and better. Likewise, you don't want to overclock, the air cooler is sufficient.


Get powerful RAM if you need to run many applications at a time. Most of the customers at our computer accessories in Enfield go with the 8GB RAM. In fact, it has the best performance for hardcore users. For minimal apps, while surfing, the extra RAM mileage won't show. Generally, high-speed RAM matters for enthusiasts or hardcore users.


If you are a hardcore gamer or planning a career in gaming, you need to purchase good graphics for your system. These days, processors come with powerful on-board graphics allowing smooth gameplay. However, you need beastly graphics for better gameplay. These days most gamers prefer NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN and the AMD R9-290x. Likewise, if your budget allows a beefier system, you should definitely go for it.


Monitors come in different sizes and resolutions. But for today's generation, 22-in with 1920x1080 resolution is the best. These monitors aren't expensive. However, you need to check the colour calibration and colourreproduction. Actually, these monitors are colour calibrated and have better colour consistency.

Aesthetics and Designs

If you are someone who gets bored by regular casing, customizing the system is the best thing. We can use LED strips or fans or go beyond that. At Computer Krayzee, we have a range of options to make your computer look sporty.

Sound System

The quality of the on-board system is amazing, but for those who want to experience the ultimate audibility, you should consider going with a great pair of speakers or headphones.

Final Wrap

Computer Krayzee offers some of the coolest accessories. You can call us or visit our store for more technical guidance. We sell only genuine accessories.

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