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6 Common Repairs Your iPhone Repair Shop in Enfield Provides

April 15, 2021 | by V1 Technologies iPhone Repair Shop

iPhones are undoubtedly a masterpiece for the quality of service they provide. Most individuals consider their iPhone as an integral part of their life. Unfortunately, if there arise any issue on the system, it may turn your life upside down. Handing your iPhone to a repair service provider can be concerning unless he/she has a complete track record.

Computer Krayzee includes a team of Apple repair experts. We guarantee excellent quality service at an affordable price. However, if you own an iPhone, here are six common repairs that you might need at some point.

Battery Issue

Battery issues are prevalent. Most iPhone owners have stated battery issue as a common problem when they visit our iPhone repair shop in Enfield. The sudden draining of charge is undoubtedly an issue. This can either be due to costs fading out or perhaps the functioning of the battery. To fix problems like this, installing a replacement battery is the best solution.

Signal Problem

One of the best outcomes that your iPhone provides is connecting with the internet from any location. But if you find issues in the OS or facing problems downloading apps, your iPhone faces a signal issue. Another way to find out is whether you can connect calls or not. If still there’s an issue, there's a problem with your phone.

Camera Problem

The iPhone has an excellent camera. Its ability to snap real-time photographs keeps it ahead of other mobile phones. However, slowly that value diminishes when pictures come out fuzzy. You may also come across distorted images or annoying lines running across them. Now, the only solution here is to go for a lens replacement. Bring your phone to Computer krayzee, and our Apple trained experts will diagnose to solve the issue.

Cracked Screen

Many people inevitably drop their iPhone. A cracked screen is the end product here. Although, in some cases, you may easily use it, however, the excitement of showing off your iPhone won’t be there anymore. It can be unappealing, but getting it fixed can give life to your phone’s glamour.

Water Damage

You must have come across cases where people drop their iPhone into water. Water, when mixed with technology, is a pretty bad mix. In fact, you need to take your iPhone to the experts quickly. Severity may lead to the loss of your iPhone. However, experts try their best to get your phone alive.

Faulty Buttons

Buttons with poor workability can be a huge issue. It totally hampers the ease of communicating. Buttons for the home screen, speakers, or side switch are essential for the phone's proper functioning. In case there’s an issue with it, hiring an expert to sort out things is the best option.

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