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How Should I Choose the Best CCTV Installation Service in Enfield

July 15, 2021 | by V1 Technologies CCTV Installation

With the advancement in technology, CCTV cameras have evolved substantially in the last decade. However, these may not be part and parcel of everyone's life. Therefore, looking through the newest CCTV technologies, features, and types of CCTV security cameras can be intimidating. Moreover, asking for a reference from a marketing team is never the best option.

These guys usually throw the most polished words and make buying more difficult. So, before you go for a CCTV installation service enfiled, here's what you need to look at:

Inbuilt SD card slot or separate internal storage

The advancement in development has enabled CCTV cameras to offer CCTV systems by themselves too. They come with a micro SD card slot in them. Buyers can enter memory cards of various capabilities as per their specifications. Modern CCTV cameras sold in Enfield are upgradeable too.

Also, there are cheaper options that do not have internal storage and depend on the surveillance hard disk in the DVR.


The latest system can rotate horizontally and vertically. This helps to cover an ample space around them. A CCTV camera's maximum angle that can rotate horizontally is termed as Pan and vertically is tilt.

Some CCTV cameras may rotate up to 355 degrees and tilt up to 90 degrees. Also, the latest option for CCTV cameras installation services in Enfield includes the remotely rotated ones. Their apps turn these.

Now you can monitor a large portion of three-dimensional space effortlessly.

Image Quality

CCTV cameras today can produce videos in 720p and 1080p resolution. Greater the resolution, the better the quality. But you need to keep in mind that you need to have a higher amount of storage with higher quality videos.

If you own a DVR with internal storage in terabytes, purchasing a high-resolution camera would be the best option. However, cameras with in-built storage may get filed quickly. Some cameras come with an overwrite feature that erases micro SD once it fills up and continues recording to deal with such issues.

You should note that a 1 MP camera approximately takes up to 38GB of data space on recording for a whole day.

Motion and Audio Sensor

Motion sensors are a significant part of smart security cameras. These are a part of futuristic CCTV installation. With the motion and audio sensors, CCTV cameras detect and alert owners about unusual sounds and movements. When you avail of CCTV installation service Enfield, you get the option to receive notification on your mobile on any notable changes happening in the vicinity.

Besides, if you need a top-notch security system and plan to put a layer of protection, it's best to install a CCTV camera with motion and audio sensors.

Installation Procedure

Wireless cameras are the easiest to install and set up. There are no cables; therefore, you don't have to worry about installations. The ease of installation totally depends upon positioning and mounting. When you have experts from CCTV installation shop Enfield, you don't have to worry about anything else.

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