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Best Ways to Protect Your Handset This 2023

Dec 08, 2022 | by V1 TechnologiesBest Ways to Protect Your Handset This 2023

A technologically advanced solution is what smartphones, tablets, and laptops provide. However, the interior parts have likewise gotten fragile. In addition, they include sensitive equipment and extremely thin shells. As a result, the days when phones were said to be indestructible are long gone. Furthermore, prominent mobile brands like Apple, Samsung, and others are increasingly concentrating on cutting-edge technology instead of emphasising build quality.

Your phone will be beyond repair after only one fall. In this article will concentrate on the best practices that mobile repair services in Enfield suggest using to safeguard your phone.

Durable phone case

There are various protective case colours, forms, and sizes, especially for smartphones and tablets. However, nowadays, purchases are more aesthetic than durable. As a result, you need to choose a sturdy case from a reputable company.

Give Computer Krayzee a call if you're unclear about what will best fit your needs. We are a group of qualified professionals and would be delighted to walk you through your alternatives.

A screen protector made of tempered glass

Investing in a good quality case is a terrific method to protect the smartphone, but most only provide minimal screen protection. In addition, if you drop the phone at the right angle, the risk of scratches and cracks increases.

An inexpensive item that can be quickly and easily installed is a tempered glass screen protector, which comes with an integrated ultra-thin layer of glass placed between strong, translucent plastic layers. This will help you avoid different types of problems.

The protectors will absorb most screen damage, leaving the phone unharmed.

Battery condition

The smartphone's internal battery will degrade with time, just like the AA batteries used to power a TV remote or a flashlight. Some batteries may only have a limited shelf life of a few years.

Our professionals at fast mobile repair services in Enfield advise being careful with how and when you charge in order to maintain their health. When possible, charge wirelessly rather than leaving the gadget plugged in overnight, and prevent any intensive use, such as watching a movie while the device is powered on.

Protection of privacy

Our mobile device holds more sensitive personal data than ever before. Fast Mobile Repair Services in Enfield, therefore, favours "privacy protector." It allows you to operate your device at a straight angle and prevents onlookers from peering over your screen.

You must install ad blockers while doing regular antivirus scans or perhaps invest in a reliable VPN.

A thorough scheme of protection

We can assist you in finding quick, convenient, and economical solutions. However, you should know that some repairs, particularly for high-end equipment, might be pricey. For ultimate peace of mind regarding any gadget issue, you can always choose a third-party protection package.


Devices do break eventually, but you should always take a preventative approach. If your handset is having problems, no matter how minor, it's best to get it checked out and repaired. Get our assistance to solve all of your issues quickly.

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