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Avail Excellent Computer Repair Service with Discount Amid COVID-19

May 14, 2020 | by V1 Technologies Computer Repair Service

The increasing spread of novel coronavirus has led to stricter lockdown measure. With most of the people working from their home, machines may end up giving service. The most challenging part is to get the right repair service provider at the right time. However, there is nothing to worry as your local computer service provider has come up with its emergency service scheme where we still offer computer repair to make things easier.

However, Computer Krayzee and all its staffs strictly adhere to the guidance mentionedby the Ministry of Health as well as the NHS. On the other hand, we have also come up with a pick, deliver and drop service when going for your computer repair. So, let not the novel coronavirus stop you from your work. Meanwhile, what is more, interesting to know is that we are offering a discount of up to 30 % on the repair of any gadget. But, before that let us summarise about our service in detail.

Swift Service

A break down in the computer system can cause a big hurdle thereby stopping your work life. If you are one of those facing the problem, all that you need to do is inform us by either calling or simply mailing us. Our staff from Computer Krayzee will contact you further and take a brief note about the issue. Once we get the idea, therefore, we further affix a time so that our staff can get to you and take your system for further servicing.

Meanwhile, Computer Krayzee notifies all the essential details before changing accessories. Once the system is ready, we further deliver it right at your doorstep. We also render free collection and delivery of all accessories including mobile phones and PCs within 5 miles radius. So, get your system serviced from us and work from your home with full comfort.

Emergency Service

Due to the rising numbers of demand for protective gears against COVID-19, your computer store has also come up with hand sanitizers and PPEs. Computer Krayzee stocks hand sanitizers with 70% alcohol content that can promptly kill coronavirus. Meanwhile, we also recommend you to use PPE gears to keep yourself protected against the virus.

Likewise, if you are out of stock with hand sanitizers, you can easily get from our stores. We also provide home delivery service and will bring other necessary items to your place.

Discount Alert

Computer Krayzee has come up with an innovative idea to thank the COVID-19 warriors. As a part of our gratitude, we offer a specialised discount of up to 30% on all the repair service on mobile phones, laptops and PCs. To get your offer, call us or walk to our store and our executive will take care of the service.


Although the pandemic is affecting people across the country, it is the best option for everyone to stay at home and follow the lockdown. The government and the health staffs are trying their best to control the spread. Therefore, it is our responsibility to follow the moral code.

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