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Avail Affordable Mobile Handset and Tablet Repair in Enfield

September 12, 2019 | by V1 TechnologiesAvail Affordable Mobile Handset and Tablet Repair in Enfield

Mobile handsets and tablets are the most extensively used gadgets in our lives today and the most convenient and important means of communication. These cell phones may need repairing or servicing due to breakdown or technical issues. Electronic gadgets are prone to damages and you need to know someone who can assist you in such crisis. Rough handling and extensive use may cause the screen to crash or there may be some internal technical problems.

If you are looking out for an affordable mobile handset and tablet repair solution in Enfield, then we Computer Krayzee are here at your service.

Problems That Can Crop Up With Your Mobile Handset and Tablet

  • Cell phone shuts off automatically
  • Battery discharges quickly
  • Charging ports are broken
  • Charging to full capacity takes ages
  • Keys are non- functional
  • Screen got damaged
  • Mobile handsets or tablets gets too hot after usage
  • Mobile app crashes
  • Downloading taking too long

Apart from these there are several other problems that can crop up with your mobile handset and tablet. We at Computer Krayzee put in our best efforts to get them repaired at the earliest.

Our Other Services

We not only deal with mobile handset and tablet repair services but also provide repairing of desktops and laptops as well. Some of our other service ranges are:

Desktop/ Laptop Repairing- Any problem with your computer or laptop is take care of by us and we are pro at solving technical issues.

Apple Repairing Services- Our team is expert at repairing iPhones, and MacBook along with the regular android handsets.

Custom Build PC- We can build customized PC at your demand and as per your needs. That is an effective method of getting a specialized PC at reduced costs.

CCTV Installation- The security cameras used for inspection is a utmost necessity now a days and we provide you with adequate and timely installation.

Data Recovery- Changing your computer is no less than changing home. We help you with porting of all your valuable files and data and help you with lost data recovery.

Printing Service- We at Computer Krayzee provide you with printing services. We print business cards, leaflets, brochures and other necessary items.

Mobile and Computer Accessories- Computer Krayzee also provides affordable mobile accessories and computer accessories.


We provide Express Repair Service. We replace your broken handset or computer screen within 1 hour flat. We are the best mobile handset and tablet repair service in Enfield. We are affordable service providers and technicians. Our trained engineers know the best solution to your faulty gadgets and find the quickest fixing solution to it. Get in contact with us today for a reliable servicing and repairing solution.

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